The Coffin Ships

The Coffin Ships


Instrumental music of the night surf variety. Don't know what that is?, well either do we, but it's the closest we get to a description.


Irish/Canadian group slowly moving from jamville to songtown, with the help of a rotating cast of friends and strangers. The earliest version of The Coffin Ships started rehearsing in late 2011, with the current line up solidifying in early 2013. The many drummers reminded us of what spinal tap went through, not that any of them died just that we have had a few. But that has ultimately been a good thing as the songs have been stretched and approached from many different angles to eventually leave us with an intimate knowledge of what works best for each of them.

Set List

Control Alt Deplete
How to work a room
Route 29
Inspector Watson
Cowboy Afraid of Horses
Dead Body on the tracks
Four More Beers
Dead Body on the Tracks
Maniti Martini