The Cold 100

The Cold 100



Standing on their own in a new musical genre, The Cold 100 play the ‘blooze’. The music they make isn’t your standard 12-bar blues, nor is it just rock ‘n roll; neither adequately describes their sound – it’s heavy, it’s loud, it’s the blooze!

The blooze, as a genre, is the up-start son of Chicago electric blues and rock ‘n roll of the late 60s & 70s. There’s fuzz, there’s harmonica, there’s volume; there’s tube amps, heavy drums & humbuckers. Pure rock n' roll flows from the core of The Cold 100, however there's a seething undercurrent of the blues nestling underneath.

The Cold 100's live shows are a visceral and exciting experience, and with groove and feeling driving the music of the band; this makes them different to any musical act your likely to see. The Cold 100 have played headline shows in almost every venue in Dublin city, and many around Ireland, including a slot at Ireland’s largest free outdoor festival – Bray’s Summerfest, supporting Natty Wailer of ‘The Wailers’. The band was also a finalist in the prestigious King Kong Club, held at the Village Venue, last December 2010, where they won a slot on bill at this year’s eclectic Life Festival. Their live reputation precedes them - they're not to be missed!
The Cold 100 began life in 2007 when Simon Delaney & Mark Walsh (singer & guitarist respectively) started writing songs together, after discovering that they weren’t the only two people in Dublin who listed to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. After deciding to electrify their sound, they enlisted bassist George Forsyth Jr. and drummer Vinny Keogh to provide the groove required to give the songs the feeling of the great rock ‘n roll music from the late 60s & early 70s, that they all love so much.
After the successful limited edition release of CDs for ‘Red Headed Woman’ in March 2009, along with an accompanying video (by acclaimed director Sara Faulkner), The Cold 100 entered the digital age with release of ‘It Ain’t Easy’ on itunes at the end of 2010. The band will be recording their debut EP over the coming summer with Windmill Lane producer Thom McDonnell, with a release penned for autumn 2011


Red headed Woman / Just Want Your Love - march 2010
It Ain't Easy - December 2010