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The Cold One Hundred

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Band Alternative Pop


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"The Cold One Hundred [Hope & Anchor 05/07/10]"

The Cold One Hundred [Hope & Anchor 05/07/10]

Answering your musical prayers, Preston/Manchester based band “The Cold One Hundred” make their first outing to The Big smoke. A band with all the potential to break the mould of mundane new “indie music”.

First of all, they look the part, and the ladies certainly seem to like them – but so few seem to back that up with any substance. They do.
The Cold One Hundred define themselves as “dark pop” with influences ranging from Bowie to Joy Division, Richard Hawley to Nick Cave and maybe just a hint of The Smiths?

Dates Played in London;

Dead or alive @ PUNK – Soho, Saturday June 26th
Queens Head – Angel, Sunday June 27th
The Good Ship – Kilburn, June 29th
Hope and Anchor – Islington, July 1st

I had the joy of watching and photographing them on their flying visit, at PUNK and at The Hope and Anchor. A driving melody pushes the band through their whole set, powerful drums, beating bass and some textbook lead guitar. All spearheaded by the enigmatic Amory, a true front man the looks and the presence all backed up by a sensational voice that chills the hairs on your neck to attention. Jake Ward leads guitar with a subdued look but the sound he creates is potent. Josh Harper drives the rhythm with an energy as distracting as Amory's dance moves, with the cool persona of Jacob Walker on bass somewhat calming the group, Sam Dabrowski is the drumming feind that somehow is lost on the small stage, but the beats are thankfully not.

Notable tracks for you to watch out for are: Hedonist, somewhat self depricating, but a melodic dark fantasy track which grabs your full attention its enchanting and haunting. “In between the sex, i’m a hedonist”:

My Unknown Love, echoed joyful tune with so much variation and a chorus ranging from 60’s pop. To the Manic Street Preachers esq bridging guitar. The track culminates in a powerful ending and Amory belting “How I want to hear you scream my name”. A favourite of the night with the crowd.

The centre piece of their set is Forgetting Was Easy For Scarlett. Tune is the only superlative that I can use to describe this track. Its a hit, its a banging ANTHEM. The chorus gives everyone a chance for a festival sing along, guitars jangle, drums bang, bass drives. The lyrics enhance this to perfection. It has everything you want and leaves nothing to chance. “If it weren’t for pride i’d speak my mind!”

It is always hard to explain to people just how good a band are, and this is something I try to get across. I think this band will be hitting your ears in many forms of main stream media at some point in the future, it would be a shame for so many people to miss out on this delight.

So if you find yourself with just a spare 12 minutes, maybe you should head along to their myspace and take a listen. I promise, you will have found something special. Some have said “the best band to come out of preston” well I suppose that isn’t much, but it’s a start….

Define The Cold One Hundred? Ruddy lovely blokes. -

"The Cold One Hundred - Live Review"

It’s not easy growing up in the world The Cold One Hundred’s dark pop alludes to, with its tedium and disenchantment, but for source material, it doesn’t sell them short.

The hanging gloom of the Night & Day stage is a perfect setting for the live rendition of the quintet’s songs. Highlights include the yearning ‘Forgetting Was Easy For Scarlet’, wry ‘Failing’, and tonight’s closer, ‘Hedonist’, with its deadpan chorus about the protagonist smoking cigars rather than cigarettes after sex, vainly aspiring to unattainable glamour.

At times a little too close to their influences (most immediately, The Smiths and Morrissey), it would be disappointing if a band whose lyrics centre on the mundane, on unwillingness to venture from a particular ideal, were to back themselves into just such a corner. That said, it is all too easy to typecast new acts. The wisdom in The Cold One Hundred’s stated aim of writing songs that are ostensibly pop but nevertheless have substance suggests they do not want merely to replicate history.

Tonight’s show provides evidence that, given space to develop, these assured Salford lads will find themselves performing to much bigger audiences. - Citylifers

"New Noise: The Cold One Hundred"

The Cold One Hundred have amassed barely a handful of gigs, and are already on people's Ones to Watch list. Their hauntingly beautiful music harks back to the pre-digital age, with their music honed in song-writing sessions before being "developed into a much heavier, fuller sound live."

The songs have come naturally, when "Amory and Jake started writing songs together just over a year ago. Now we're building upon that set with input from the whole band and we're striving towards constantly developing our sound." TCOH collectively explain.

Given their relative infancy they must first find their feet and be given space to breathe "We've all been in bands before, with varying degrees of success, but this is a band with a new focus." The band seem keen to use past experiences to their advantage.

Musical comparisons are evident, yet this is a band keen to find their own path "We try to steer clear of such comparisons but as with any new band comparisons are bound to arise. We think drawing such parallels can sometimes defeat the object of being a new band. "

Previous experience may explain the band's outlook, and they should be applauded for their approach. "Every song starts with a riff or melody that gets built upon, which is perhaps why one song may appear to have more 'mystique', whilst the other is catchy. We don't see any reason why an expressive song can't still be a pop song."

Reccomended Track - 'Failing'

See The Cold One Hundred play a HV show at Deaf Institute on 23rd April - High Voltage


Sandhills Demos

Forgetting Was Easy For Scarlet - BBC Radio Manchester Playlist
My Unknown Love - BBC Radio Manchester Playlist



Having played the North West gig circuit since February this year, The Cold One Hundred are already well established within Manchester's music scene. They've been on the line-up at all of the city's premier live venues, and have played some major support slots (King Charles, Crocodiles, The Heartbreaks, Funeral Party, Goldhawks,)

They played a 'Mini-Tour' of London at the end of June, playing four dates within a week to extremely positive crowd and industry reception.

Their crowd favourite 'Forgetting Was Easy For Scarlet' is currently on the playlist for BBC Radio Manchester's Introducing show. Having established a strong live set and received exciting levels of press and industry attention in such a short time, the band is now looking to reach as many people as possible.

The Cold One Hundred

"Some have said the best band to come out of Preston" - Arkmag London

"A band with all the potential to break the mould of mundane Indie Music" -

"These assured lads will find themselves playing to much bigger audiences" -

"Their hauntingly beautiful music harks back to a pre-digital age" -