The Cold One Hundred
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The Cold One Hundred

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Pop




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Was für eine feine Entdeckung: The Cold One Hundred aus Manchester spielen Popmusik, die sich ihre Inspirationen bei den Smiths, aber auch bei 90er-Jahre-Bands wie Suede oder Gene holt. Einen dicken Sympathie-Punkt gibt es für die Liebe zum gepflegten Diss: Gerne nölt die Band in Interviews gegen die alberne Doch-nicht-Britpop-Hoffnung Viva Brother. -

"Interview: The Cold One Hundred"

Substance, along with intoxicating doses of idealism and romance…Combining Suede pomp, Clash punky freneticism and large splashes of Morrissey poetic swoon, The Cold One Hundred are classic Britpop elegance compacted into the neatest seven-inch pop parcel…make no mistake, as of 2011, The Cold One Hundred’s time is now.” - David Sue, Manchester Evening News - Manchester Evening News


Hedonist - Digital Single and Online video. Has received frequent BBC 'Introducing' Radio Airplay, as well as national airplay on Absolute Radio as part of Brett Anderson's guest DJ show, in which he played his favourite tracks of 2011.

Forthcoming Debut Release - 2012



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The Cold One Hundred started out life as a songwriting project between lead guitarist Jacob Ward and singer Amory Neish Melling, with neither having any immediate intention of forming a band. Songs were posted online relatively anonymously, but when these bedroom recordings caught the attention of Manchester’s music press, it became clear that the project would soon evolve into something more.

The band’s full line-up was completed in February 2010, with the addition of Josh Harper, Jacob Walker and drummer Sam Dabrowski. The Cold One Hundred’s sound developed into a fuller ‘British guitar band’ sound, whilst still maintaining a focus on the craft of songwriting. Each bringing with them a different set of influences, the group of five young men came to form a band with a desire to build a strong musical legacy, instead of pandering to style or trend. Within a month they were described by as "A band with all the potential to break the mould of mundane Indie music”.
The band's first demos, recorded at Sandhills Studios in Liverpool, received local acclaim as the band were hotly tipped as 'ones to watch' by Manchester-based High Voltage and Ark Magazines. The band played live sessions for both BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio Manchester, and have since been featured frequently on both stations. Following this early acclaim, the Manchester Evening News said of the band: "Armed with a clutch of full-blooded romantic pop anthems... substance, along with intoxicating doses of idealism and romance, is something The Cold One Hundred clearly aren't lacking in. Combining Suede pomp, Clash punky freneticism and large splashes of Morrissey poetic swoon, The Cold One Hundred are classic Britpop elegance compacted into the neatest seven inch pop parcel... Make no mistake, as of 2011, The Cold One Hundred’s time is now.” (David Sue, MEN).
The band were invited to record their following set of demos with both EMI and Miloco Studios in London respectively, where they produced their most recent demos and developed their recorded sound. Despite the interest surrounding them following these recordings, the band have resisted putting out their debut single until the time is right. The importance of finding the balance between their crafted songwriting and the energy of their live set, and translating that sound onto a record, meant that the band have waited for a significant opportunity to get the record right. In an industry where marketing and social media is becoming increasingly decisive on whether or not a band gets noticed, The Cold One Hundred’s self-alignment within a strong song-writing tradition sets them apart from most modern Indie bands. The band have been described by High Voltage as “harking back to a pre-digital age”- perhaps this ‘pre-digital’ approach to their music is appropriate for a band who aspire to be more than just a flash in the pan.

In the short time since their formation, The Cold One Hundred have played gigs across the UK, including supports with The Vaccines, Spector, and The Heartbreaks; they have recently returned from supporting Suede front-man Brett Anderson on his 2011 UK Tour dates, including a sellout show at London’s KOKO. The band are now heading to Brussels to record their anticipated debut release, with plans for a tour to follow.