The Cold One Hundred

The Cold One Hundred

 Manchester, England, GBR

"Substance, along with intoxicating doses of idealism and romance..Combining Suede pomp, Clash punky freneticism and large splashes of Morrissey poetic swoon, The Cold One Hundred are classic Britpop elegance compacted into the neatest seven-inch pop parcel." - David Sue M.E.N


The Cold One Hundred who closed 2010 supporting The Vaccines on the last date of their UK Tour, now feature in Manchester’s Evening News for a defining interview of their journey thus far.

These purveyors of ‘Dark Pop’ speak of influence from Suede and reminiscent of early Killers, are a 5 piece knitted together by long time friends from various band’s all barely out of their teen’s. Lead singer Amory, equipped with a haunting vocal styling, Guitarist and main songwritng partner Jake, Josh also on Guitar, Jacob Bass and Drummer Sam.

Forming at the tail end of 09’, the band have since featured on BBC Introducing Manchester & Lancashire with Live session on both while sitting well amongst contemporaries. Support slot’s to date include The Heartbreaks, Goldhawks, King Charles, The Brute Chorus, Orphan Boy and Mabel Love.
Although Manchester based The Cold One Hundred are keen to carve their own journey, as their love for the City can’t shake youthful ambition to avoid stereo types focused on the revival. Rather, each member hail’s from one of England's smaller Towns and Cities including Blackpool, Salford, Reading and Preston where they have begun building a fanbase. This suggests they may have their own story to tell at shows across the country before planning their 1st release in the coming months


Hedonist - BBC Introducing Manchester
'I've Grown Old Without You'
Live Acoustic Session - 20/3/11

Hedonist, I've Grown Old Without You, I Wish We Were Strangers,
Unknown Love - BBC Introducing Lancashire Live Session

Set List

I've Grown Old Without You
I Wish We Were Strangers
Forgetting Was Easy For Scarlett
My Unknown Love