The Cold Roses

The Cold Roses

 Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Take Zeppelin, Neil Young, AC/DC, REM, Drivin' and Cryin', Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket were dumped into blender. Liquefy while slowly pouring in your choice of whiskey. Chill in the frig and served in tall glasses!


The Cold Roses deliver a rock and roll infused, folk-pop sound with an indie music vibe that owes as much to classic favorites like Neil Young, Tom Petty, AC/DC and R.E.M. as it does to new alt-country rockers like Ryan Adams, Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. Without straying too far from the "3 to 4 minute" pop song formula, The Cold Roses add a melodic richness and complexity to their songs that goes beyond the self-limiting three-chord standard. The band's songs have been described as thought provoking with a slight melancholy vibe but offer an importance of dynamics, emotional resonance, and personal urgency!


Everything and Everyone

Set List

what i know
wrinkle in time
how to be dangerous
under my skin
a letter to caroline
over & over
note to self
under you
caught in the middle
last year
rumor mill
falling down
split the sky
something new

the bucket - kings of leon
straight to hell - drivin' and cryin'
helter skelter - the beatles
magick - ryan adams
who'll stop the rain - ccr