The Collected

The Collected


The Collected is an original rock band out of Bellingham with a devoted following and a sound all their own. Headlining local shows since early 2007, The Collected recently released it's first recordings, which have drawn positive reactions from all corners.


The Collected have a unique, groove oriented rock sound with a strong bent towards up-tempo, danceable rock. With influences ranging from Nirvana and Bush to Rammstein to Janis Joplin, The Collected carve out their own sonic space on every stage. In addition to that, the female lead vocals add a layer to the music that is sorely lacking in many other bands. The band formed in early 2006 to start writing music, began headlining shows in early 2007, and has just released its first EP.


EP - Phlatookee - 6 songs

Set List

1. Tramp
2. Gin & Juice (cover)
3. Two
4. Missing You
5. I Fall Deeply
6. The Ache
7. Instantly
8. Mistreated
9. Tell Me
10. Keep You
11. This is Why I’m Hot (cover)
12. Gas Mask
13. Writing It Down
14. Whatever You Want
15. Bad Sign
16. Anything, Anything (cover)
17. Givin’ Up

Typically, we play for anywhere from 45 to 100 minutes. The above set would last approximately 75 minutes.