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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Local Wunderkinds Share Online Savvy. Random Task Collective Coaches Scene Vets on Web"

Call it youthful exuberance, fearlessness and maybe just a hint of naiveté, but Calgary’s Random Task Collective (RTC) has a bold idea for releasing new music: They do it whenever they’ve got something they want people to hear.

“We love to go into the studio whenever we can and whenever we have some new stuff,” says RTC bassist and singer Connor Harvey-Derbyshire. When we think we’ve got something solid to get out there, we just do it. If we come up with three or four songs that we think are super-amazing we record them and get them out. Really, we believe that there should never be a time where we’re not working on new things and advancing our craft.”

The band — Harvey-Derbyshire, guitarist Jake Simard, drummer Ryan Keddy and guitarist-keyboardist Shawn Savard — will be sharing both music and craft during Sled Island. It’s hosting the Young Buds 2010 stage, and will share its knowledge and online savvy during the Mush Digital workshop from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday at Cantos.

“The workshop is going to be all about how to do online marketing, how to make people aware of your music and how to get played on online radio,” Harvey-Derbyshire says. “The music industry has shifted greatly and we use iTunes and online radio feeds like Jango as a first thought, rather than making a new CD. Maybe it’s not anything out of the ordinary for us — we all grew up in the digital age.”

It’s not so much that RTC has eschewed the idea of actual recording. The band has released two EPs — Classified Matter and Certified Organic — and it’s trying to work on a new CD. By most measures, it’s a well-established, veteran band, even though its average age is just 16.

Even at that age, RTC’s members are already accomplished players. Harvey-Derbyshire and Simard have both spent summers at Silverlake Conservatory, the California music camp run by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and their developing songwriting cuts a wide swath of likes and influences.

“All of us are huge music fans and all of us have vast and diverse tastes in music,” Harvey-Derbyshire says.“Ryan is a huge country music fan, Jake really likes ska, reggae and fast punk and Shawn is more of a classic rock guy. We’re really open to any and all sounds and I think it comes out when people hear us.”

And people are hearing the band more and more — thanks to its online presence on sites like Jango, which has been a valuable springboard in helping the group earn friends and fans throughout the U.S., Japan, Europe, Sri Lanka and even North Korea.

“Maybe it’s just a few people in each place,” Harvey-Derbyshire marvels. “But the way we see it, every fan counts.”

The Mush workshop promises to be fast, furious and interactive. Speakers and topics will also include Creative Briefs and Other Unmentionables with Sharon McIntyre, Tribal Love with Ernest Barbaric and Outlaw Images with Mr. Kelsy Norman and Ms. Twyla Dawn.

“This workshop is not just for bands in Calgary who want to get help getting their word out online,” Harvey-Derbyshire says. “Artists and anyone in general who needs a kick start in the world of digital marketing will be informed and entertained.” - FFWD Magazine - July 1st, 2010

"So Random"

Sled Island. We’re all about it here this week at Youth Are Awesome as you can tell…

What we’re most excited about is the fact that Random Task Collective is headlining the Milk Young Buds Stage at Sled Island tonight, happening at Loose Moose Theatre!

rtcRandom Task Collective (RTC) is a wicked band from Calgary that hosts an all-ages concert comprised of young local musicians each week called, The Collective on Sundays. The Collective on Sundays started earlier this year, and was such a cool idea that YouthScape Calgary and Calgary Youth Foundation Opening Doors (a program of Child & Youth Friendly Calgary) decided to fund it!

RTC didn’t stop there – all-ages nights are all the rage right now, and bassist Connor Harvey Derbyshire approached Sled Island to do an all-ages night during their festival. Before they knew it, Milk had been brought on as a sponsor for the event and now Sled Island is upon us!

So make your way down to Loose Moose Theatre and check out this band of awesome guys…they made this all-ages night for you! While you’re there, you can also check out Ruben Young and Susie Forsyth – two artists that performed at the ConocoPhillips Youth of Distinction Awards and we think they’re pretty awesome too. - - June 26th, 2009

"Off the Air: Interview with Random Task Collective"

This article is long overdue, as the life of a high-school journalist, unfortunately, often ends up containing a lot more “high school” than it does journalist.

That being said, meeting Random Task Collective made me realize that balancing my studies with journalism is a small feat compared to juggling high school and being in one of Calgary’s most promising emerging bands.

In early September, I was able to free myself from mounds of biology homework and never-ending reflections on Charles Dickens to attend the Xposure 2009 Wrap-Up Party. One of the contest’s winners was RTC, who were kind enough to share some floor space with me in their dressing room before the show. We chatted about music, video games, and "non-believers," who, as the guys warned me, were stuffed in the fridge that took up most of the space in RTC’s dressing room.

Winning Xposure is no easy task, considering the scores of musical talent that continues to lurk in Calgary’s bars and on our stages, but RTC was able to earn a spot on stage next to the Arkells at the Wrap-Up Party, despite being the contest’s only under-18 band.

The group, comprised of bassist/vocalist Connor Harvey (pictured above), lead guitarist/vocalist Jake Simard, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Shawn Savard and drummer Ryan Keddy, was astounded that they’d made this year’s cut.

“We thought that we might have had a chance next year so we kind of put [our audition tape] together for kicks this year,” Ryan recalls. “We got the call back and we were like, ‘holy crap!’”

The rest of RTC shared their drummer’s excitement, but the boys were forced to contain the good news for a month, until X92.9 released the results.

“As soon as we got the call, we couldn’t tell anyone,” continues Ryan. “So we were sitting in the back corner of class just rocking back and forth, going ‘I need to tell somebody. I hate doing this.’ We couldn’t even tell our families.”

“My mom, [RTC’s manager, Patricia Derbyshire], picked me up from school with this big smile on her face and she was like ‘you guys were selected by X’. I just freaked out,” smiles Connor.

Adds Jake, “It didn’t hit me until about three days later when I woke up and I was like... ‘wow.’”

The Xposure contest certainly wasn’t RTC’s first venture into the booming music scene in Calgary. The group came together through Music Centre Canada’s Extreme Rock program about four years ago, and haven’t looked back since.

“Connor and Jake met [at Extreme Rock],” explains Ryan.

“It’s a great program, by the way,” Jake cuts in animatedly.

“It’s amazing for young artists such as us,” the drummer agrees. “After they had gone through this program their drummer was not showing up to shows, so they got me to play with them. Ever since, the three of us have been playing together and then we picked up Shawn. We played our first show at Toast N’ Jam two or three years ago.”

Since then, RTC has been busy making a name for themselves in their hometown. “We played over 50 shows last year, wherever we could get them,” says Connor. “It’s so hard to find a venue to play when we’re under 18.”

Despite their lack of access to traditional venues, RTC still managed to take part in the Matt Masters 30 challenge this spring.

“Matt Masters killed us,” recalls Ryan. “It’s 30 shows in 30 days, and you have to book your own venue. Our 30th gig was on CityTV BTV, and the day after that, we played at the airport. We ended up playing 31 shows in 31 days.”

“We don’t have the ability to go into bars or anything, which is where most bands play,” reflects Jake, pointing out that playing that many shows without being able to make use of Calgary’s multitudes of 18+ venues added an extra element of difficulty to an already massive challenge.

“We were the youngest band to participate in that,” adds Shawn, both quietly and proudly.

However, the band doesn’t see their early beginnings as a disadvantage. “It doesn’t hold us back,” Connor declares. “We still find a way. Luckily, we’ve started a lot quicker than most bands. So hopefully by the time we hit the scene where we can play in bars, we’ll [already be known].”

I state that balancing high school with RTC must be difficult, but the group is quick to disagree.

“It’s not actually as difficult as it sounds,” counters Jake.

“It’s still a lot about school,” Connor explains. “We have to understand that we’re doing really good on the scene and everything, but school is really, really important.”

The entire band has their parents’ support to continue both with their music and their studies, and the boys themselves understand the importance of both aspects of their lives.

“I still want to keep up my studies after I graduate,” Connor states. “My mom encourages me to go to school to follow multiple things. Along with a musician I want to learn how to program video games, and I also want to be a graphic designer.”

“My parents think that they’re going to be retired within a year because of me,” jokes Shawn.

“My dad’s said that even if the band does break up - which I don’t see happening for a long time, if that - when we’re his age, and we have kids, we can still pull out our Certified Organic CD or music video or Xposure disc and say, “I was 16when I did this,” Ryan explains.

“And then we’re going to pull out our 23 other records and be like ‘this is what I’ve done since then,’” Jake interjects, trying to keep a straight face.

“Then we’ll pull back the curtain and there will be our platinum record, trophies…” Connor trails off as we all laugh.

The sense of closeness between the four members of RTC is evident throughout the entire interview, and it is apparent that the boys are best friends as well as bandmates.

“A big thing for us is that we really try to take care of each other, because that’s how we stick together,” Connor states.

“I think our relationship [extends beyond the band]. We are actually buddies,” Jake says simply.

“We were going to get one of those little hearts, split in four,” jokes Ryan. “The brotherhood of the traveling ... skinny jeans,” he laughs.

This camaraderie helps the group stand up to the ‘non-believers,’ who range from fellow students to industry professionals.

“There’s a lot of kids who just go, ‘there’s no way you actually do that,’” explains Ryan, referring to his peers who are hard-pressed to believe that RTC is not just a pipe dream.

“This year I’ve been trying to get endorsed by multiple drum companies and they just say, ‘you’re too young; you don’t have a record deal, your stuff’s not on the radio. You’re just some other kid.’”

“They’ll shoot us down,” agrees Connor. “It’s surprising how much that stuff happens.”

However, with the non-believers safely crammed in the fridge, the band is able to share with me the moments that made them feel on top of the world. RTC is hard at work on their second album, a full-length effort slated for release in December, and they recently shot a chilling music video for their single, Barricade. When I ask the group about what that experience was like, I am met with their unified response of “sooooooo much fun!!” The video was shot in southern Calgary on the set of Paschendale, which, according to Shawn, “was the perfect post-apocalyptic set,” and premiered fittingly at Screamfest in late October.

In addition to focusing on their own careers, RTC is dedicated to helping others in the music community and worldwide. They took part in in War Child’s Busking for Change fundraising effort alongside fellow Calgarians Lions and Makeshift Innocence, and are taking an active role to lend a hand to other U-18 artists.

“After the Matt Masters 30 challenge, we decided to create this program called The Collective on Sundays,” Ryan explains. “We hold it every last Sunday of the month at Cantos Music Foundation. We get any U-18 band that has their own material to come and audition for us and we decide if they make the cut or not.” He pauses, “But they usually they make the cut.”

“I don’t think we’ve rejected one band,” agrees Connor. “We also have singer/songwriters and they come from all walks of life. We have blues guitarists, an all instrumental guy, and piano players... everything under the sun.”

During our hour long conversation, Connor, Jake, Ryan and Shawn seemed like pretty regular high school guys. However, once the stage lights turned on and the band ripped into their set, it was evident that these young men were far from ordinary. These guys haven’t even finished school, yet have managed to find the time to contribute to their community as well as make some kick-butt music.

“Now all we have to do is graduate,” laughs Ryan.
- November 18, 2009

"The Story of Random Task Collective"

Random Task Collective is a band headed up by lead singer Connor Harvey Derbyshire. The band consists of 4 musicians between the ages of 15 and 16. This band has one goal, to play music.

They’ve encountered many barriers to this goal. Venues have been unwilling to rent facility space to them and they are unable to play at bars or pubs due to their age. Some venues have expressed interest in allowing them to rent the facility but the financial costs pose another barrier to them.

Recently, Random Task Collective applied for two grants within our organization. Their idea was to create a series of musical showcases to introduce Calgary to the youth music scene. They wanted to run the events on Sunday afternoons to show Calgary that young people can play music and have fun while being respectful of the space around them. They applied for grants through the YouthScape Go Grant Program and Opening Doors Program. A team of young people oversees both grant programs and they jumped at the chance to fund a unique youth-led project like this.

Fast forward two months later and Random Task Collective are on the heels of their second music showcase. Their first event drew 120 people and the next one should bring in 200 people. Six events have been planned in total and they are planning to extend the series. Venues have offered up their space to Random Task Collective and their musical partners at a reduced rate. Also, the Sled Island Festival which has featured acts such as Teagan and Sara, and the Bloc Party has asked Random Task Collective to organize and headline the youth music stage.

For more information and to listen to Random Task Collective, visit their Facebook: Random Task Collective Global Community - Youthscape Canada

"Calgary Band Shortlisted for Suzuki Project"

Music - Calgary band Random Task Collective has advanced to the finals of the David Suzuki Foundation's Playlist for the Planet music project.

The foundation's nationwide project calls for music that "inspires a clean, healthy, sustainable planet." Inspired by a starry night in southern Alberta, the band, all 16-years-old, responded with their song, Chamomile. Province by province voting for acts from across Canada runs through Sept. 7.

Chamomile is listed under Alberta at: pollId=73.

Read more: - Calgary Herald - September 4th, 2010

"Up on The Dailies -December 1, 2008"

There’s been some additions to our happy little Xposure Daily family. Check ‘em out! They run during the day, like soap operas…but in this case Ghostkeeper’s cousin hasn’t slept with the mother of Women’s baby who is also Chad VanGaalen’s uncle. Uh?

Welcome our bundles of joy to X92.9 . . .

Random Task Collective aren’t old enough to play bars yet…but they still rock harder than you. Yup, I said it. These group of young musicians haven’t let their age stop them from becoming a head force in Calgary’s All Ages Scene. In January they’re launching “The Collective On Sundays” where local youth bands can work on their craft in a wicked awesome environment.

For more information on any of these bands drop me an email at and listen for them (during the day) on X92.9

For the Collective on Sundays mail

- X92.9 Exposure - Harvard Broadcasting

"Becoming the Masters"

Unlike most 14-year-olds anticipating school's end, members of RANDOM TASK COLLECTIVE currently balance their time between homework and performing 30 gigs in as many days.

Playing its 18th show not even halfway into the month, the five piece band plies its craft anywhere it can, including this past Saturday at Airdrie's Music Centre Canada.

Past and present members of Random Task Collective have been through MCC's Extreme Rock at least once with bassist and lead singer Connor Harvey having attended the last three years.

"It really gets young artisits going," said the Grade 8 student.
"You go in, make a band and have a lot of fun."

The current Random Task Collective line-up has been together for a little more than a year now.

"It's great chemistry. I don't think there's ever been a fight," says Harvey.

MCC airdrie co-owner Eric Temple realizes there is a large talent pool in Calgary and surrounding areas, one main reason he bought into the Extreme Rock franchise.

Temple recalls seeing Extreme Rock for the first time in Okotoks two years ago and the camaraderie between all of the kids was something he couldn't pass up.

"When you sign up for the program everyone has an assessment, we don't like saying test," Temple explains. From there musicians are put together based on their skill level and schedule and start playing.

"What it's about is the live experience," says Temple.

The band is trying to emulate Matt Masters' 30 shows in 30 days before the April 6th Junos in Calgary, as a part of the Music Lives Here initiative. - Metro - Monday March 10, 2008

"Gigs Gone Wild - Matt Masters and Others Have Vowed to Play 30 Shows in 30 Days as Part of Calgary's Lead in to the Junos"


Terry Rock, co-chair of the Calgary Host Committee for the 2008 Juno Awards and president and CEO of Calgary Arts Development, says he expects that 75,000 to 100,000 people "are going to have a live music experience under the Music Lives Here umbrella. That's our goal. We think it's achievable."

There's no question that the Master's initiaitve has helped boost the numbers. Other bands have launched 30-day challenges of their own (but unlike Masters, they have to negotiate payment from the venues themselves), including RANDOM TASK COLLECTIVE- whose five core members are all 14 years old.

Lead singer Connor Harveysays it was too good an opportunity to pass up, even if it meant juggling his Grade 8 homework with what will end up being more than 30 gigs this month. "I really want to devote my life to making music, so the 30-day challenge is kind of a really good kick start to that," Harvey said on spring break last week. "It's been great."

It's been a busy month for all the bands involved, but there's a payoff. It's worked out for Random Task Collective, which has already scheduled a number of shows for April, after the challenge is over.
- Globe and Mail - Review, March 26th, 2008

"Random Task Collective at the Stampede Corral May 2nd"

If you want to catch the best up and coming band in the city you have to head down to Stampede Corral tomorrow afternoon from 11- 4 pm. Random Task Collective will be hosting the first ever Collective Slam with a bunch of their close friends and guess what? Its free!

Slam artists include Susie Forsyth, Lucas Chaisson, Carly Henry, Calum Graham, Frantic Artillery, Ruben Young and the Lads, Sarah Clark and the chaps from Random Task Collective. You can even come down and contribute to the Sled Island Young Buds all ages art project, a mural (to be hung on June 26th, 2009 at the Sled Island Young Buds stage). Get there early and receive 1 of 50 free Zombie t-shirts from Never Stop Milk designed by yours truly, prizes from Rogers including 8 trips to Sunshine ( transportation, day passes, all included), and tons of activities and giveaways. A whole bunch of fun for all you alt-rock and indie lovers smooshed into 4 short hours! Oh yea and did I mention it’s FREE?! - May 1st, 2009

"Under 18 Band Making Success for Themselves in Calgary"

A local Calgary band is making waves despite not being able to play at most of the city's venues.

Random Task Collective, whose band members are 15 years old, came together two years ago through friendship and a love of music. Although they can’t play in pubs or bars around the city due to their age, they have made a name for themselves by playing at festivals, fundraisers and backyard parties.

“The success of the band has been really great, especially at such a young age, it’s overwhelming” said band member Jake Simard, 15. “We are all best friends and really treasure each other's opinions.”

Simard, who has grown up around music and always wanted to play guitar, believes that although the Calgary music scene seems to be based in bars and pubs, their band has been lucky to play for festivals such as Sled Island, a summer indie-festival which hosts hundreds of bands that play to crowds of music lovers.

“For the future, I think we will continue with the band,” said Simard. “We feel so lucky that we have such a growing fan base.”

Random Task Collectives band members include Ryan Keddy, on drums and vocals, Jake Simard, on lead guitar and vocals, Shawn Savard, who plays keys and percussion and Connor Harvey-Derbyshire, lead vocals and bass.

Their sound is influenced by rock, classical, funk and indie, among others, and Simard describes them as an ‘alternative rock’ band. They have also recorded their first CD, titled Certified Organic, and their songs are already being played on radio stations such as X92.9.

“We have accessed the festival circuit, and were the only under-18 band from Calgary to play Sled Island last year,” said Patti Derbyshire, who acts as a booking agent and is also the mother of one of the band members.

“Being an under-18 band hasn’t been a problem for us. You have to be really clear on who you are, your influences and your sound. You have to figure out who your community is and how you want to build that community,” added Derbyshire, who believes that the best possible outcome for the band is having an independent venture, and living their music in their own terms.

“It’s really more than ever about word of mouth,” said Derbyshire. “If you work really hard, and you make good musical decision, whether you are covering songs or writing your own, you are going to have something that people are going to want to listen to.”

What’s next for this outgoing and entertaining group of boys? Along with several upcoming shows, they will be hosting Collective on Sundays, which showcases many of Calgary’s talented under 18 bands at various locations around Calgary.

See Facebook: The Collective on Sundays - The Calgary Journal - January 26, 2009

"Supporters Joining the Relay for Life Have a Wealth of Talent to Entertain them through the night"

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is a rewarding 12-hour overnight event that sees participants walking, running and strolling alongside their family and friends, celebrating survivors and honouring loved ones lost.

Taking place in more than 525 locations across Canada, it's said to be the largest cancer fundraising event in the country. Calgary's version brought in an unbelievable $750,000 last year, and is on track to reach that again in '09 with more than $500,000 pledged so far.

Kicking off at 7 p.m. on June 19 and running until 7 a.m. the morning after, the Calgary Rugby Union's outdoor field will be packed full of people determined to make a difference.

Money raised at the Relay For Life goes to support the Canadian Cancer Society's mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with the disease. But it's much more than just a stroll through the night.

Thanks largely to the efforts of entertainment co-ordinator Candice Knihnitski, the place will be a-buzz with some amazing local musicians playing the main stage, including Noel Johnson, Matt Blais, Thank Magnets, Laurell, Needy Cat, Trish Evans from Zoeys Closet and a fearsome foursome of Grade nine and 10 students who've been making some major waves on the airwaves called Random Task Collective.

Lest we forget the talents that'll be front and centre on the second stage, including comedians, a fire show, flamenco and line dancers.

It's not too late to enter a team of 10 or buy a luminary that will be ceremoniously lit to line the field.

Visit and lend your support today. You'll never feel better after staying up all night. - The Calgary Sun - June 11, 2009

"Random Task Collective"

After a year and a bit of doing live performances around the city, Random Task Collective (RTC) started hosting ‘all ages’ events, The Collective on Sundays, in early 2009. Supported by a grant from the fine folks at Youthscape Canada and venue support from the Calgary Youth Foundation Opening Doors program of Child and Youth Friendly Calgary, u18 musicians from in and around Calgary have taken the stage the last Sunday of every month at either the Cantos Music Studio or Loose Moose Theatre.

At about the same time RTC Bassist Connor Harvey-Derbyshire was pitching this all-ages evening to Sled Island Central, Never Stop. Milk heard the story and got behind the event. Bully! RTC fired up the ‘syndicate’, the Sled Crew said ‘punch it’ and Never Stop Milk said, “We’ll be there with cold frosty glasses of goodness!” Get to Loose Moose early for the Fu Manchu milk mustache throw down. . .” - Calgary is Awesome - Jeff Thorburn June 17, 2009

"Get Your Zombie on With Random Task Collective"

Calgary band, Random Task Collective (RTC) is delighted to announce that their first single, Barricade, has been placed in the closing credits of a feature film from Los Angeles, Wasting Away.

As a part of the deal, Producer Sean Kohnen has invited RTC to provide a music video for the song, to be included on the North American DVD/VOD (Video on Demand) release of the film, set for early 2010. Currently, on the festival circuit, Barricade was cut into the movie last month and premieres in Spain this week. Of the band and song, Kohnen said, “There were over 500 submissions but RTC’s work really stood out. The guys have some amazing music and I see great things in their future. We have RTC to thank for the opportunity to use the music in Wasting Away.”

The Barricade music video is being shot this weekend at an undisclosed location near Calgary. Featuring the very best talents from Calgary’s independent film community, Barricade will be shot on a full set of a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland and feature 100+ zombie extras. - September 3rd, 2009


All music available on iTunes. Join the international listener community on Jango and The Collective community on Facebook.

The Station - Act I (Release June 2012)

Intimacy Part I
The Station

The Station - Act II (Release December 2012)

Untitled - Who Cares
Trying Times
Intimacy Part II
Never Make It Right

Coming 2013

Coming soon...



My How You've Grown!

Welcome to The Collective and the new project The Station.
Now a six-piece – yup, there are 2 Bass players in this band – The Collective still loves and believes in the album and the genius of our creative community!

The bold and ambitious Station project attracted the interest of iconic Canadian Producer, Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro) who has signed on for three albums with the band. The first of three albums, The Station – Act I, is set for release this June.

Guided by Richardson’s signature unapologetic commitment to great writing and honest musicianship, Act I promises to set the ‘new standard’ for creative musical projects in Canada, with an inspiring new sound and look for the band. Richardson notes, “The genius of the project is the characters and the story arc. The singles stand out as commercially strong and artistically interesting, the albums drawn from each act are distinct, and the entire three album project is like nothing we’ve seen since Tommy. And, these six young men are outstanding players! Far more sophisticated than their age suggests. Calgary should be proud.”

The Station will also include carefully constructed visual, film, mobile and creative components produced over the next two years in community, during live performance, and as a part of online ‘Collective collaborations’ and experiences though out North America and around the globe.

Calgary 2012 - Canada's Cultural Capital

The Station is The Collective's tour de force. Three albums, three acts, and three timeless characters form the inspiration for an entire community-encompassing creative movement for 2012.

We are thrilled to announce that THIS SUMMER The Station - Act I can be booked with our first collaborators -- The Calgary Youth Chorus 36+ musicians strong along with the muscle and might of The Collective 6!

A return to great writing, a story arc that follows the journey of the tragic hero, detailed composition, and rich musicianship, the albums' songs and characters frame the 826 Remix project with rich, beautiful, expansive, challenging, memorable and enduring narrative.

We offer The Station as a creative platform for youth to get involved in Calgary 2012 multidisciplinary legacy projects in writing, art and design across a vast array of creative disciplines. We believe any youth creative in the city will find an abundance of 'narrative clay' to mold individual projects from, or find an inspirational springboard for their own creative works as part of the 826 Remix legacy.

The Collective has shared the ‘shows that thrill’ stage with artists as diverse as K’naan, The Arkells, Black Phoenix Orchestra, The Nix Dicksons, The Lions, The Cripple Creek Fairies, The Bownesians, and Ghostkeeper. Key members of the band have been playing live alt-rock tunes in and around Calgary since June 2008 when they first debuted at the Sled Island Music Festival as Random Task Collective.
In fall 2010, the band's second EP Classified Matter (2010) hit the Top 20 on the CMJ 200 in US College Radio. As a result, the band was invited to play on the SXSW Convention Floor and at the Red Gorilla Festival on St. Patrick's Day in Austin, TX at SXSW.