The Color Bars

The Color Bars



The Color Bars are a Seattle-based indie-pop rock band who recently relocated from New York City. Their arrival on the music scene has been described as "a bigger breath of fresh air than an air vent in an underground sewer." As self-described melody addicts, they blend together Wilsonian (Brian that is) harmonies with their own unique melodic style to create something new and surprisingly fresh. Their songs range from foreboding laments on love via professional wrestling metaphors to anarcho-syndicalist folk chanties to the kind of glazed-eyed psychadelic soundscapes that even your mother would love. Much like their songs, their live show never dissapoints. Every member sings in this band, which makes the already difficult challenge of not singing along practically impossible.


Making Playthings EP - 2004
Kairos At Infinity LP - 2007

Set List

Mellow Yellow
Ritual #2
Freight Train, Freight Train

Set Time: Varies from show to show but is usually around 1 hour.