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The Color Bars



The Color Bars are a Seattle based indie-pop rock band who recently relocated from New York City. Their arrival on the music scene has been described as "a bigger breath of fresh air than an air vent in an underground sewer" (David Adair, As self-described melody addicts, they blend together Wilsonian (Brian, that is) harmonies with their own uniquely "confectious" melodic style to create something new and surprisingly fresh. Their songs range form foreboding laments on love via professional wrestling metaphors to anarcho-syndicalist folk chanties to the kind of glazed-eyed psychadelic soundscapes that even your mother would love. Much like their songs, their live show never disappoints. Every member sings in the band, which makes the already difficult challenge of not singing along practically impossible. Their smart and eclectic brand of indie music is something we've needed for awhile, and they've only just begun.


All Your Kitchen Ghosts

Written By: The Color Bars

Pull the sheets off the ghosts who haunt your kitchen
There's something lurking in the pots
Where's your father when you really need him?
Preaching his religious doctrine
Brother, you better listen up

Evacuate the building
There's a bomb in the boiler room
I wrote the figures on my arm
Her clothes are flammable and
Her heart is a gasoline tank
You couldn't help but do her harm

Like a vulture over her head
Hovering while her body gets weaker
Take your zombie meds before you hurt someone
You forgot your principle function
Brother, you better listen up

Hey Lord, send me all your lovin rays
I got that hungry feelin'
Hey Father, show me all your glorious ways
C'mon expel the demon


Written By: The Color Bars

Tell me again how much you're worth
And how you're the center of the universe
'Bout the crown they're putting on you in a couple of days
Hang your picture on every wall
Lay in bed and stare at them all
It might improve your smile in a number of ways

But I have to confess
When you wear that skimpy dress
I forget everything you said, Eliza

Please be sure to interrupt
To never let anyone show you up
And to steer the conversation back to you
Leave me waiting on my front yard
And pass me by in your shiny car
To pick up Chad Beuschard from the golf-club crew

I could rescue you
From your penthouse with a view
And take you to a place
Just beyond the moon
They'll be funnel cakes in June
Small-town outer-space

We're a Tag Team

Written By: The Color Bars

I don't want to be your boyfriend
I don't want to play football with your dad
I don't want to window shop with you
I just want to swim inside you

I'm okay you're okay we're a tag-team
I'll be there to pinch your leg in a bad dream
I'll get through 'cause I want you and you want me
So hit my hand, let's give 'em the beat-down

Don't go saying that you're my girlfriend
(Don't go saying that you're his girlfriend)
Don't suggest that we'll be married soon
Don't go telling your friends about me
(Don't go telling your friends about him)
Let them wonder who the f--- I am

(If you're ready tell me already)
(If you want it baby I'm on it)

So hit my hand, go on and give 'em a suplex
The Boston crab, finish with a taz-plex
(One day or another you'll see that I'm on your side)
(You're gonna discover it's you and me against the world)


Making Playthings - LP released in 2004

Set List

Dog Out of Water
Father Duffy's Statue
Nepenthe Powdered Tart
All Your Kitchen Ghosts
She Disarmed Me
We're a Tag Team
Id Incinerator
4-Track Tape
No Seatbelts

- 45 minute set