The Color Dead

The Color Dead

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

Progressive, melodic, post-metal...yet they won't stop there. The Color Dead is a band of four hometown friends that put core musical beliefs like creativity, ingenuity and harmony first. The reason they don't have to think outside of the box is.. there never was a box to begin with.


The Color Dead represents a divergence from the typical rock band. Their sound is pure, original, rhythmic and memorable. Emerging from the desert of Tempe, Arizona, The Color Dead has concentrated on developing a pure, original rock style. Lead by lead guitarist and vocalist, Kennie Hernandez, the band is composed of four home-town friends who have put core musical beliefs like creativity, ingenuity and harmony first.
The Color Dead is not a typical rock genre band. Many times they are classified in several different sub-genres, but that fact that remains clear is, they are themselves. Since January 2010, this current line-up of Kennie Hernandez (Lead Guitar & Vocals); Chaney B Jones (Drums); Trever Covell (Guitar and vocals) and Scott O’Brien (Bass) have been honing their style, skills and live performance. Several of the members have played together, for a period of time, in other bands, however the emergence of this project has brought the four of them together in a serious, professional and stylistic manner. From a melodic, rhythmic opening tune to a hard driving, scream rock number, The Color Dead is becoming formidable with their music.
Currently in the studio working on their debut CD, and filling live performance dates, currently around the Greater Phoenix Area. The Color Dead will always remain true to their core musical beliefs. They don’t have to think outside of the box because there never was a box to begin with, just raw talent.


Intensity in Tent City

Written By: Kennie Hernandez

This nightmare seems to real
In the hours will they find us
Still we provide to bring truth from lies
Contest their cries
Without my pride
A Shade of grey
to my life.

With my last breath
I'll take my last chance
Will my death be so quick
As I hope

Every second that we waste is ours
Another that we lost
I can sense the death, in her
Famous words I conceal
All the nights I spent with you
I can sense the death, in her

My life, ends without meaning
Therefore, we take our beatings
What I've been
A life with regrets
Still i'll find out
Were they all that left us
Will I see her only time will tell


Currently in the studio.

Set List

The Color Dead establishes their set list in accordance with the venue, time slot, and type of gig they are playing. They can perform both 30 minute and 45 minute time slots, as well as, multiple time slots on the same bill.