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"Indie rock for Haiti The Color of East and friends band together to raise money for the American Red Cross"

Back in August the Weekly Volcano helped introduce you to The Color of East - a self described "psychedelic-garage-pop power trio" made up of Vinny Beatty and Eric Crozier, the formidable former rhythm section of Never Quiet Never Still, and new-to-the-scene frontman Patrick Smyth, a leader equally capable of channeling Tom Petty as Thom Yorke.

Way back then, The Color of East was celebrating the release of their debut EP, The House of Endless Light, with a show at The New Frontier. Helping the band get the word out felt like a big deal.

Well, The Color of East will be back at The New Frontier this Saturday, and - once again - helping the band get the word out feels like a big deal.

Like many others, and many of you, the devastation and suffering in Haiti has been too much for The Color of East to sit back and watch idly. The band wanted to do something - and since what they do is rock, a benefit show seemed natural.

Specifically, The Color of East wanted to do something for the American Red Cross, one of the oldest and most respected humanitarian organizations in the world. Before long, through the efforts of the band, KUPS, KEXP and 38th Street Minutemen Press had all agreed to help.

The show was set, with The Color of East inviting Portland's SuckerForLights up for the show, along with Tacoma's Bandolier and Norman Baker - a snug bill for an obviously worthy cause.

The Weekly Volcano caught up with The Color of East to talk about Saturday's benefit at The New Frontier, and see how things have been since the EP release in August.

WEEKLY VOLCANO: The last time we spoke the band was gearing up for a record release. How have things progressed since then? How has the band developed, and what's new?

VINNY BEATTY: I feel we've reached a new plateau where walls and worries are left outside the rehearsal room door. We have found total trust in one another musically, which seems to open creative doors that are sometimes impossible to find.

VOLCANO: Are you still pleased with the record?

PATRICK SMYTH: Yes. The EP has been a great start for us, getting our name out there a bit and helping people hear what we are about. An album is really a chronicle of where you are as a band at a given time. That said, it's already clear that our sound has evolved a lot. I'm really looking forward to sharing our new stuff, some of which we'll be playing this Saturday.

VOLCANO: What was your inspiration for this show?

ERIC CROZIER: The inspiration came from drinking coffee one early morning, getting ready for work, watching the Today Show and seeing the devastation these people are enduring in Haiti.

SMYTH: The images from Haiti are so horrendous. The death toll is 150,000 and climbing. The Red Cross does amazing work and has over a century of experience giving aid to those in need. They were our first choice. Eric proposed the idea and we just ran with it, no questions asked.

VOLCANO: What can people expect from SuckerForLights, and how did you guys get to know this Portland band?

SMYTH: SuckerForLights is a 3-piece Indie band. We played with them in Portland in December and were really impressed. They can play mellow. They can rock out. And their singer, Olivia, has an amazing voice.

VOLCANO: What's the most important thing you guys have accomplished as a band thus far, and what's the next item on the to-do list?

BEATTY: The benefit show will be the most important event we have done. Putting this show together has certainly brought out passion from each of us and from those involved to make this show a success.

SMYTH: No matter what, being a part of the cause is an honor. Whether people can come or not, we strongly encourage everyone to donate to a reputable organization of their choice.

VOLCANO: What does the rest of 2010 hold for the band?

SMYTH: Playing shows, writing, recording, hopefully radio ... and snacks. Definitely snacks.

[The New Frontier Lounge, Benefit for the American Red Cross and the People of Haiti with The Color of East, Bandolier, Norman Baker, SuckerForLights, Saturday, Jan. 30, 9 p.m., $5 and up, $10 and receive a free The Color of East EP, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, 253.572.4020] - Weekly Volcano


2009 - "In the House of Endless Light" EP (self-released)



In an age of hyphenated sub-genres, psychedelic-garage-pop power trio, The Color of East, gleefully add to the madness! Fusing the moody atmospherics of Nick Cave and The Velvet Underground with the raucous energy of Modest Mouse and Spoon, the Tacoma 4-piece packs a densely layered punch. Described as “more direct than much of indie-dom and more visionary than most pure rock”, the band has furthered the notion with the release of their debut EP, “In the House of Endless Light”.