The Coloured Lights

The Coloured Lights


Rock. Indified without the pretense. Punkified without the Irony. Something Neo.


The Coloured Lights formed amidst tragedy, confusion, irrational thought and conflicting interests during the summer of 2005. Despite "bad taste", "poor technical ability" and "questionable fashion sense", a mutual appreciation for Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu overthrew all previous notions of "music".

The Coloured Lights will be popping their collars, reading the bible and taking shirtless pictures of themselves in preparation for their next album.

We like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.



Written By: The Coloured Lights

you speak your heart, like i speak my mind
words to define, what can't be defined

tilt your head about 18 degrees
so the light will glimmer off your eye at me
no i don't need to know what it sees
with a body that floats like a butterfly lips are burning and a tongue
that's bleeding
lips that burn and a tongue that starts to bleed the sun's kiss

What Happens

Written By: The Coloured Lights

I get a ticket to my train of thought, and it derails.
You jump on the tracks like a blood clot, too many details.

I've been sitting here with my head in my hands,
resurrecting my thoughts right out of my sweat glands.

Maybe when I wake up I'll be halfway around the world,
somewhere satisfying.

And maybe when I sleep I'll dream about a girl, and she'll be lying, yeah she'll be lying.

Spit it out.
Spit it out.
Spit it out.
Spit it out.
Oh there's something in the way, the way.

What happens when you finally know?
What happens when you finally know?
What happens when you finally know?
What happens when you run out?

There's a hidden message in everything you say, I can spit it out clear as day.
You think you're dinner but you're my side dish and I'll still grant your wish.

Float Not Fly

Written By: Jay Vidyarthi

my fingers feel dry when i rub them together,
i don't know why maybe it's the weather,
and there's a storm brewing out in my head,
and I don't feel blue but I don't feel red,

I wanna float to you like I was a feather.

control, i chose to deny,
i wanna float not fly

i drifted so close that you couldnt blave me, just enough of a dose so as not to enflame me, the snow is white like the part of your eye, that isnt lookin' right at me at my, quivering hand so scared that you could drain me

control i chose to deny
i wanna float not fly,
to float right through you


The Coloured Lights - A Six Track Demo, November 2006
The Coloured Lights - Live, June 2006
The Coloured Lights - Precipice, August 2005

Live-to-air on CIUT Toronto 89.5, Rotation of What Happens and Sunkiss

Precipice, Disconnect and Float Not Fly - played regularly on Bob Eberth's Radio Show, UK
Float Not Fly - Several GarageBand awards
Several songs from Precipice played on various podcasts in Canada, U.S., Britain and Spain

Set List

40 Minute Set of Random Order, chosen from:
I Don't Answer,
What Happens,
Look at All the Friends I Have,
Open Channels,
Why Not,
Float Not Fly,
If You Need Me,
Nada Yoga,
This Fiction,
Hey, Amity