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The Coloured Lights

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Coloured Lights - The Coloured Lights"

Without a doubt, the Coloured Lights finally put into vinyl what they lug onto stage. Balls. - Lightning Online

""Precipice" by The Coloured Lights"

The quality of the songs, the variety in their lyrics all lead to complicated songs that are easy to listen to. From the pop radio song 'Amity' to 'No more drama' to the lead 'Precipice' the guitar solos mixed with the vocals show the band is not afraid to experiment when they think they are onto something. - The Chinook (Toronto)

"What Happens Review"

The production is definitely the first thing that sticks out in this song to me. Its got a lot of little elements to it that could be easily overlooked if you just listen to it passively.

the guitar lines and the muffled acoustic in the back are a nice touch.

the vocals remind me some of the less-spastic moments of Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse (I think that's his name anyway). - SnackWheat (Richmond, Virginia)

"What Happens: Most Original in Indie Rock, week of 6Feb2006"

...early sonic youth (or Dinasour) mixed with Violent Femmes or something along those lines. Although it is hard to define because they do have an original sound. - Dr. 67 Productions (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

"Float Not Fly Review"

What a jam! This song wants to punch my face, but fortunately, it is lodged in my computer. The bass player and drummer march along on the front lines. The guitar line is vicious and I'm wishing it had been a little better recording to give it more oomph. The singer has that rare ability to sound like he's about to lose control, so put a chastity belt on your daughter. You've got a real slam-banger of a tune here! - Super Drag

"I Don't Answer Review"

I'm tranported back to the 80's. Let's see... I like the atmospheric effect that the instuments have created and I like that I can't tell what all of the instruments are.

Nice melodic ideas. Simple but good chord progession. Love the spaceship in the end. Overall impression: Bauhaus on espresso (I didn't want to say Meth). - Info Cas (San Jose, CA)


The Coloured Lights - A Six Track Demo, November 2006
The Coloured Lights - Live, June 2006
The Coloured Lights - Precipice, August 2005

Live-to-air on CIUT Toronto 89.5, Rotation of What Happens and Sunkiss

Precipice, Disconnect and Float Not Fly - played regularly on Bob Eberth's Radio Show, UK
Float Not Fly - Several GarageBand awards
Several songs from Precipice played on various podcasts in Canada, U.S., Britain and Spain


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Coloured Lights formed amidst tragedy, confusion, irrational thought and conflicting interests during the summer of 2005. Despite "bad taste", "poor technical ability" and "questionable fashion sense", a mutual appreciation for Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu overthrew all previous notions of "music".

The Coloured Lights will be popping their collars, reading the bible and taking shirtless pictures of themselves in preparation for their next album.

We like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.