Serotonin Productions

Serotonin Productions

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Sarcastic power-pop anarchy by hard rockin geex.


The Combovers
Def; Nerdcore: (noun) The ultimate outlet for nerds around the world, to raise their plastic lightsabers and embark on the final showdown with the enemy, the cool group.
The Combovers are four guys that listen to lots of Weezer, Radiohead, Nerf Herder, Mr Bungle and Ween.
They formed in 2005 and have since played Big Day Out festival, been signed in Japan, toured East Coast of Australia and won an LA Music Award (Best Power Pop Single of the Year 2006).
Their debut album Bin Night Anthems is an energetic, power-pop-experimental-punk rock odyssey of... energetic power popness.
Their not-quite-controversial film clip entitled "One Day They'll Eat Him" foretold the death of Steve Irwin.

The 2007 release "If it ain't Baroque, Don't Fix it" a punk/rock collection of classical covers, check it out now. (


What Happens

Written By: Luke Reichelt

The old people complaining at the supermarket,
Do they enjoy that?
As we walk along our day do we mistakingly carve the way to the supermarket?
For when our hair goes away

What happens to people like us?

The man screaming obscenities at passers by
He keeps his stuff in a garbage bag
The lady with the crazy look
and everyday she walks the same route
And has found rest in repitition

What happens to people like us?
Do the square pegs start to get round before we're buried in the ground?

What happens to ripper up clothes?
What happens to burnt out globes?
Where does recycling go when the truck leaves the street?
To the agoraphobes picnic

Royal Red

Written By: Luke Reichelt

she was clearly a witch
and she said "do you want me to show you magic tricks?"
she had tatoos all down her arm
rad tats all down her heart
they were royal red
she had a beautiful sense of harmony
a sense of humour
much like an autopsy
and then she looked at me and asked,
"how do you breathe under the water without a mask?
will you be my victim?
i need someone to save
i tore a lot of me out
living in that rage"
she was a vampire girl
she lived the vampire way
her hair jet black against snow
that vampire girl loved to rave
she loved to misbehave
royal red

Rondo Alla Turca

Written By: The Combovers

NA, Instrumental


2005 - Pasta of Muppets EP
2006 - Bin Night Anthems CD
2007 - If It Ain't Baroque Don't Fix It EP

2008 - More Machine Than Band EP (comming 08)

Set List

Internet Sex
What Happens
Royal Red
Rondo A La Turka (Mozart cover)
Karate Stance
I Luv U (& Now You Must Die)
+5 Knife
Theme From Mario Bros Nintendo Game (Cover)
Together & Apart
One More Time
U Think That Ur So Smarts
Last Pez in The Dispenser

12 Songs - 45 Minutes