The Comettes

The Comettes



The Comettes consist of members Timmy Sunshine (organ/vocals), Sager Small (guitar) and Jettie Wilce (drums) They started writing music in June of 2012 in Seattle, WA. The Comettes have an ethereal sound that is highlighted with splashes of desert blues and 60’s rock. Members pull from their eclectic musical backgrounds for inspiration during the writing process and marry their love of L.A sunny beach rock with 1970’s psychedelic groove in their self-titled album The Comettes. Sunshine’s baroque organ style and haunting voice, coupled with Small’s blues driven guitar trills and Wilce’s unconventional drumming, allow for a truly special meeting of musical expression. Each member provides a driving force of intimate originality to create a sound so unfamiliar, yet skillfully translatable to the mass The Comettes have performed at Neumos, Barboza thus far in Seattle and debuted their six songs premiering on their upcoming album to sold out theatres in the Midwest while opening for Colorado band The Lumineers. The Comettes were described as having “the crowd's interest piqued and voices lowered early with a midcentury-esque, West Coast synth/drums/guitar set that would be right at home on a David Lynch picture's opening credits” during their performance at the Riviera Theatre in Kansas. The Comettes will be releasing their self-titled ablum in December of 2012 with the help of sound engineer Jeff DenAdel and plan on continuing to perform in their hometown Seattle, as well as kick off the summer of 2013 with a west coast tour. You should expect to see great things from the Comettes this coming year.


The Comettes - "The Comettes" EP