The Comfies

The Comfies


"honed pop rock recalling the best of 70s and 80s power pop invasion with the warmth and sincerity of modern indie rock." "Something like the Posies with a dash of Superdrag's saccharine harmonies, Britpop sensibility and firm grasp of the hook." -The Nashville Scene


The Comfies shine amongst Nashville's outstanding current pop rock company, affixing the retro magnetism of 60's and 70's rock to a range of contemporary influences from Ben Folds and Beck to The Posies and Superdrag. With an impressive ear for the irresistible lingering melody bestowed upon him from the cassette tapes of the greats-- Bowie, The Beatles, Motown, Billy Joel, The Zombies-- frontman Ben Harper seeks to resurrect the spirit of these classics on 21st century airwaves and iPods. Ben grew up just outside of Washington D.C., discovered the guitar and the song as a teen, then came to Nashville where he soon found himself touring America and Europe as the bassist for acclaimed Doghouse Records recording artists Feable Weiner.

But Ben's own catalogue, a pastiche of the lingering melodies of his youth and today's independent heroes, was asking to be let out. For this, he called upon local legends and dear friends who were up to the task: bassist Nathan Hansen (Bang Bang Bang), drummer Sam Smith (Lifeboy, Character), and Raf Cevallos (The Pink Spiders). Musically multilingual, the boys could stack rich harmonies, balance homage with humility, and look great in earth tones. Their hope: To remind as many as possible of that infectious crush you get on a great song, to remain sharp musically and inquisitive lyrically, and to synergize the musics of their age and of ages before into something timeless.


Close To Me EP