The Command Radio

The Command Radio


The Command Radio is an explosively Experimental, Soulpowered, Rock n Roll band from New Jersey. Their unique sound can be compared to that of Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder. After only 16 months of their career, the band had recorded 2 full-length albums as well as landing a spot on Bamboozle 07


Words can’t really describe what The Command Radio experience is like. It’s more than just music or some guys making noise with instruments. What these guys have is a talent that we rarely see anymore. It’s not enough to be musically inclined- you’ve got to feel it- and luckily, they do.
The Command Radio gives off one hell of a vibe. What you don’t expect is what you do experience, and that’s why people remember who they are. These guys have worked extremely hard to establish their own sound. As a result, locals have supported them all the way through, one having said, “I’m just really proud to say that they’re from South Plainfield, you know? This town is so dead and boring; now we’re known for something.”
The band is a solid blend of Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, and a whole lot of Soul Power. The original band consisted of Ryan, Joe, Matt, and Paul holding down a heavy sound that had been compared to Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and Jimi Hendrix by Chris Castro of The Aquarian Weekly. "When the wah wah guitar and pulsing bass line of ‘Browntown Rock’, the album opener on The Command Radio's debut, ‘Electric War Demos’, hits your ears, it digs in hard and drills its way through your skull. Funky like the Headhunters on Quaaludes after a Hendrix binge, and with enough distorted muscle and raw firepower to fit in happily with most hard rock camps, these Central NJ natives have been writing together for barely a year, yet they still manage to crank out wholesome, ballsy rock."
The first album, "Electric War Demos", was a huge success among the local band scene and their home town of South Plainfield. The guys took these songs and their success and rode it all the way to a spot at the popular music event, Bamboozle. "THE COMMAND RADIO, from New Jersey, grabbed a spot on Bamboozle at The Break/Stone Pony. This is one of the most gifted and hardest working bands I've seen on the entire contest." -Joe Reo of Hidden In Plain View.

Despite the success and recognition they gained from Bamboozle, the band felt that there was something missing. That’s when they turned to Ike and Taylor (two close friends who had played shows with them in the past) and permanently incorporated them into the band. Ryan stated that they were a “seamless addition”. The horn section completed The Command Radio, and a new exciting style of music was created.
The band recently finished a brand new album called “Take Control” with producer and friend Jake Antelis. The album was recorded over a period of only four days and done almost completely live. This is the groups' second full length album in their short, 16-month career and they have no intention of slowing down. The band’s advice? Expect the unexpected.
Jimi Hendrix once spoke, “You have to give people something to dream on.” The Command Radio generates a sound like no other and those who experience their music are going to feel it. This band is on its way up, and eventually- it’ll be their turn to “kiss the sky.”

-Natia Katsatonis
The South Plainfield Observer

Contact: Jamar Ellis Management

Avery J. Keyes



Written By: Ryan Egan

Every time I look out my window
And I see hatred on the streets
I get blown away, I get blown away.

Every time Satan casts a shadow
Like a weight on a poor mans life
I get blown away, I get blown away.

But it’s not too late a wise man said
Pretty soon man you’re gonna be dead
Better open your eyes and let em be fed.

If the hate falls upon the children
Equality will be out of our reach
Oh the lonely days, so many lonely days.

But it’s not too late a wise man said
Pretty soon man you’re gonna be dead
Better open your eyes and let em be fed.

Big Mouth Blues

Written By: Ryan Egan

I know a girl who wears her hair down low.
Trials and tribulation follow her wherever she goes.
She’s got a big mouth baby, she let’s her ideas flow.

I got a girl with revolution on her mind.
She says love, and love, and love until the end of time.
She’s got a big heart baby, you know she lets it shine!

Well, I know a girl who wears her hair down low.
Talkin bout politics and hypocrites
And all the shit the news don’t show.
But she loves me baby, yeah that’s all that I know!

Feeling of Gold

Written By: Ryan Egan

Lately I’ve been thinking bout a love so strong.
Feel it turning me on, feel it turning me on.
Lately I’ve been dreaming of a purple dusk.
Feel it devouring the sun, feel it devouring the sun.

CHORUS: But I know, yes I know
A feeling of gold.
A feeling of home.

Lately I’ve been thinking bout a love so strong.
Feel it aching in my bones, feel it aching in my bones.
Oh, lately I’ve been dreaming of the open road.
Filthy hair and dirty clothes.
Oh so far away from home.


Man of Conscience

Written By: Ryan Egan

Voices meet exchanging words
Beneath the shaken surface of dirt.
Too late my friend the truth don’t sell.
Deception’s something time won’t heal.

So won’t you turn on the lights!
And keep your mind outta prison.
Oh won’t you turn on the lights!
And keep your heart in the rhythm.

Won’t you turn on the lights.

Hey now, you know nobody gonna free ya.
Cuz lots of people talking not a lot being heard.
Lots of people dyin while a lot of backs turn.

But won’t you turn on the lights.
I’ll keep my mind outta prison!
Oh won’t you turn on the lights.
I’ll keep my heart in the rhythm!

Won’t you turn on the lights.

Black Train

Written By: Ryan Egan

CHORUS: I’m on a Black Train
Ridin’ with the sunset behind me.
I’m on a Black Train yeah
Cruisin’ with the sun in my eyes.

Thinkin’ bout my baby
Who I met not long ago
But all I know, is I won’t go
And fall in love again.

Talkin’ bout my lover
Who I left not long ago
For all I know, we might go
And try to love again.


Talkin’ bout a lady
Who I’m sure you all may know
I wonder how, she gets around
And makes it home again

I’m glad I’m ridin’ slowly
Cuz I got no place to go
But all I know, is where sun glows
Is where I wanna be.




Sanctuary Road

Written By: Ryan Egan

Keep both eyes lookin forward
Towards the sunrise always risin for us.
We could never miss an exit
Cuz the steady, rockin sound is enough.
Oh, the sky seems neverending
Since we never reach the end of the land.

And I got some folks in New York City
Who are willing to lend me a hand.

Everyday seems the same
Whether sun or the rain
Just a man, with big plans for his life
Leavin home at 18
Without cash but a dream
Wishin someone would show him the light.

But he’s got some folks in New York City
Who are willing to give him a ride.

Yeah, he’s got some folks in Mississippi
Who are willing to sell him a dime.

Now I got some folks in South Beach, Florida
Who keep jamming til the end of the night.


“The Electric War Demos”
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by The Command Radio
Mastered by Jake Antelis
February 2007

1.Brown Town Rock
2.The Simple Birth of Things
3.Kansas City Shuffle
4.Teen Town
5.The Hunter and the Prey
6.Cause a Scene
9.D Minor
10.The Invasion
11.Gizacked Retaliation

“Take Control”
Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jake Antelis
January 2008

1.583 nm
3.Big Mouth Blues
4.A Feeling of Gold
5.Joe's Bass Solo
6.Sanctuary Road
7.Black Train
8.Ike and Taylor's Language
9.Man of Conscience
10.Paul's Drum Solo
11.The Music

Set List

Originals consist of the best songs from our albums. Our cover set is much larger. This list is a documentation of the wide range of music styles we can play from rock to jazz to hip hop to funk to reggae and more!

Aeroplane- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Birds Of a Feather- Phish
Blackbird- The Beatles
Born Under a Bad Sign- Albert King
Casey Jones- The Grateful Dead
Chameleon- Herbie Hancock
Chicken Grease- D'Angelo
Cocaine- Clapton
Cold Sweat- James Brown
Crossroads- Clapton
Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin
Doin' Time- Sublime
Fire- Hendrix
Foxy Lady- Hendrix
Franklin's Tower- Grateful Dead
Hoochie Coochie Man- Muddy Waters
The Joker- Steve Miller Band
Machine Gun- Hendrix
Natural Mystic- Bob Marley
No Woman No Cry- Bob Marley
One After 909- The Beatles
One Way Out- Allman Brothers
Pride and Joy- Stevie Ray Vaughan
Purple Haze- Hendrix
Roadhouse Blues- The Doors
Rock n' Roll- Led Zeppelin
Santeria- Sublime
Subterranean Homesick Blues-Bob Dylan