Alternative / pop punk. Green Day / Blink 182 meet Gin Blossoms. Then: driving punk. Raw lead vocals by Gunz. Now: popish, expanded , polished. Drew's buttery lead vocals perfect marriage with Guns brasher harmony. Evolving, no stagnation.. Flawless execution, personal lyrics.


"The Commercials " hail from central PA, in the same fertile 25 mile radius that has yielded such acclaimed talent as as "Live" , "Fuel" " "Poison" and "Jeffrey Gaines".

"The Commercials" formed while still school mates in the late 90`s, gaining a devoted fan base and such local popularity that they sold over 6000 copies of a self released CD.

The boys began relentlessly touring at age seventeen , with focus and discipline like no other musicians their age. Hundreds of tour dates later , Skratch Magazine dubbed "The Commercials" the hardest working indie band on the East Coast.

The band is signed with Blackout! records and has appeared at the Furnace Fest, SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Millenium Rock Fest, Southwest by Southwest and Warp Tour east coast venues 2003, 2004 and 2005.

These talented musicians have toured virtually everywhere in the USA and Canada, and have shared the stage with friends The Ataris, Saves the Day, At the Drive In , A Small Victory, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Water Music, Zao, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Keepsake, Digger, Bayside, Me Without You to name just a few .

Earlier released CDs by `The Commercials" are available for purchase at and are currently rated 4 and 5 stars.

The Commercials new song, Summer Jam, slated for split release in July , has already been download at their music sponser site over thirteen thousand times.

"The Commercials" video "It Never Ends" from their last release, peaked at number twenty -five on the ratings for the best indie videos. The band is currently sponsored by Mountain Dew`s 6 packs, which provide tour support and college radio promotion.

"The Commercials" have been featured in articles in Amp Magazine, Skratch Magazine, Wonka Vision, And Chord Magazine as well as countless newspapers and internet editorials.

The Commercials were voted "Top User Pick" and were a featured artist on in June 2003. They were named the "Top 5 Bands to Watch in 2005" by the York Daily Record, home town paper of "Live". Early this year, the band became finalists in the "Sign My Band /Tour with Yellow Card " contest, beating out 7000 other entries.

" The Commercials" continue to play over 150 dates a year. Amazingly, the band managed, promoted and produced all their efforts with this year being the first out of eight that they have secured professional assistance outside of the band. If any band deserves recognition for talent, sheer hard work and dedication, it`s this one.

Catch them at this year`s Warp Tour or other dates as noted on their website. Brand new material by the band will be available on a split release EP due out this summer.

The Commercials , with band member Tony spear-heading the effort, also operate an under age venue for new musicians, artists and poets to showcase their talent. This provides an excellent drug and alcohol free , safe haven for kids to socialize and enjoy themselves. The Commercials are committed to mentoring and building the confidence of teen musicians by providing a place for them to hone their skills in front of a live audience.

Please encourage and support "The Commercials" as well as all independent musicians and songwriters by booking their talent, purchasing their music , attending their shows, and by word of mouth. Thank you for giving their music a voice to be heard.


A Taste of the Past

Written By: The Commercials

Please link here to listen to 2 past recordings:


New Material Split Ep slated for summer 05 release
Full Lengths
"It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It"
(2003) Blackout Records, NJ
"Twenty Years Tonight"
(2001) Jumpstart Records, PA
"First Time For Everything"
(1998) Chowda Records, NY
"Greatest Hits Demo Tape"
(1997) Astromech Records, PA

Split Releases
"Kickstart Audio 5 Way Split CD"
(2002) Kickstart Audio, PA
with The Commercials, Last Day Parade, Fading Fast, The Cotton Weary, This Radiant Boy
"Split 7 Inch"
(2000) Joy Circuit Records, NJ
with The Commercials, River City High, Split 50

"Kickstart Audio 3 Way Split CD"
(2000) Kickstart Audio, PA
with The Commercials, Sunday Drive (Changed Their Name To The Starting Line), and The Jimmy Tuesday Band
"Better Then Sevens"
(1999) Reinforcement Records, NJ
The Commercials, Tinkle, The Young Hasselhoffs, Heft, The Abducted, The Goons, The Vapids, Santa's Dead
"Franks For The Memories"
(1997) Rent A Pig Records, CO
with The Commercials, Tripple A, The Quakers, Holy Smokes


"International Punk Rock Box Set"
(2000) Meat Head Records, Ontario Canada
"East Coast Drama Vol. 2"
(2005) Hey Sherman Records, FL
"Songs About Chicks"
(1999) Tank Records, MA
"East Coast vs. The World"
(2003) Fast Action Records, PA
"Out Here Alone Volume 1"
(2002) Dia Contra Noche Recordings, PA
"To Protect And Serve"
(1999) Chapter 13 Recordings, TX
"Ramones Maniacs"
(2001) Trend Is Dead Records, IL
"This One Will Blind Ya"
(1997) Ripped Records, PA
"Girls Kick Ass"
(1999) Punk Rock Onion Records, IL
"Most Features Free"
(2001) Madgurl Records, OH
"Fun With Dirt 2"
(2001) Fun With Dirt Records, IL
"AMP 6 Pack Volume 10"
(2003) AMP Energy Drink and Freedom Zone
"Lumberjack Distribution Spring 2003 Sampler"
(2003) Lumberjack, OH
"We Will Be Heard"
(2003) Mushroom Cloud Records, NE
"What Doesn't Kill Me"
(2002) Blackout Records, Stillborn Records Sampler, NJ
"AMP Magazine SAMPLER Volume 2"
(2003) Amp Magazine, CA
"What'd You Expect For Free Vol 8"
(2000) Skratch Magazine, CA
"52 Lessons On Life"
(2003) Reinforcement Records, NJ
"Interstate Drive"
(2003) Standstill Records, PA
"Aliens Now Own The Earth..."
(2002) Redcap Records, PA
"Does A Body Good"
(2000) No Milk Records, NJ
"Worse Then Alternative, It's Another Punk Comp"
(1999) Reinforcement Records, NJ
"Palancha In The Pit"
(1999) High Risk Records, TX
"Pennsylvania, USA Volume 1"
(2001) Kickstart Audio, PA
"Rockin A Tard Place"
(1997) Chowda Records, PA
"Sugar Sampler Volume 2"
(2000) Jumpstart Records, PA
"America's Finest"
(2001) Jon Doe Records, NJ
"Broken Glass"
(2000) BGP, NJ

Set List

Avoid covers-- original material. Set list always flexible in content and length to individualize / accomodate venue and audience.