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The best kept secret in music


"Uncommonly Good"

"After nearly a decade spent paying their dues, things are finally beginning to come together for the Indianapolis-based rock band The Common. They recently earned a spot in the Benchmark Records Battle of the Bands, recorded an EP . . . and have become one of the city’s favorite bands due to their straight-ahead, no-bullshit rock and roll."

-- Steve Hammer, music editor - NUVO Newsweekly -- 9/8/04

"The Common named one of Top 38 bands in Indy - 2003"

Drawing on the influences of 60s rock, The Common have a brash edge to their music as well as a reliance on harmonies that makes them one of the best traditional pop/rock bands in the region. Known for their hard work, The Common have elevated themselves over the past year and are now part of the ruling hierarchy of the local music scene. - NUVO Newsweekly

"The Common named one of Top 40 bands in Indy - 2002"

The Common have their collective hand on the pulse of the pop rock song-writing machine. They hold the blueprints for well-built pop tunes and harmonic delivery in the vein of the Who and the Beatles and always provide a definitive set of quality energetic pop. - NUVO Newsweekly

"Summit's first night promising"

The heartland, however, isn't limited merely to twang. Real rock 'n' roll springs from bands such as . . . the Common.

At Moe & Johnny's, . . . the Common encased its melodic rock in polish and precision. With bass player Steve Hayes and drummer Ryan Roberts, the Common boasts a swift and devastating rhythm section. - Indianapolis Star

"Hedwig named #1 theatre event of 2003"

No. 1: Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Phoenix Theatre. I see a lot of theater. Often people will tell me that I have a cool job. My answer: Yes, most of the time. I have to sit through my fair share of dreck, too. It"s my job. But then there are moments - moments like sitting in the Phoenix"s underground theater, all the aisles of chairs pulled and re-set cabaret-style, where I cry. I cry because something so deep and pure is being translated to me. Hedwig is such a show. Blaine Hogan as the transsexual rocker, backed by local band The Common, is nothing short of amazing, belting out songs, from the rock ballad "The Origin of Love" to swingy "Sugar Daddy." - NUVO Newsweekly

"Review of "Forget About Tomorrow""

One of the bright spots of my trips to Cleveland's Undercurrent festival has been watching Muncie's current pop-rock king quartet The Common work up a crowd. Took them long enough, but they've finally released a CD and are every bit as good as I recalled. They can knock you out with blasts of chords and percussion, then lay your to rest with soft blankets of words and harmonies . . . Here's hoping The Common get their collective asses out West so I can selfishly see them again. Until then, I'll be wondering, as I enjoy the disc, if the city of Muncie even knows it's home to one of the best pop bands in America? Ah, probably not. - Pooch - Flipside

"Unsolicited review from's Greg Brenner"

I was back in the kitchen talking and during the conversation I kept getting distracted by the music playing on stage. I went on with my conversation yet this music kept distracting me. It had a certain groove that I just dug. After a few more minutes I gave into my desires, cut my conversation off and went out to see who was playing. It was The Common “ah… of course” I thought. This was one of the bands I came to see last night. I had seen them before and really liked them and wanted to make sure that my last experience was not a fluke. I really like The Common. They get this rhythm going that seduces me to the stage. I will now make a point to see them again. If you have not seen them you should really make a point to. I dig this band for some reason… it must be the grove. Every time I have seen them I have really enjoy myself. -


Rock & Roll People (6-song EP) -- October 2004
The Common (8-song maxi EP) -- January 2004
A Liar's Dozen (11 song full-length) -- March 2000
Forget About Tomorrow (12 song full-length) -- January 1997


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Common consists of Jim Sizemore on guitar and vocal, Mike Hayes also on guitar and vocal, Ryan Roberts on drums, and Steve Hayes, on bass and vocal. We’ve been together as The Common since 1995.

The Common's music falls nicely in that realm of “power pop” that equates to big guitars, upbeat tempos, melodic lyrics, and harmony vocals. We also delve into moodier, more atmospheric songs from time to time. Being children of the 80’s, it's not surprising to hear sounds from the Common similar to the bands who were at their best during that decade – The Clash, REM, The Police, The Jam, Cheap Trick and Smithereens are among our favorites. We also share a deep affinity for classic rock icons like The Beatles (of course), Rolling Stones (again, of course), and The Who.

In our years together as The Common, we've released four independent CDs, including our latest, "Rock & Roll People," in October 2004.We’ve performed on both coasts and a several places in between. We've done the music festival circuit with appearances at the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, and Undercurrents in Cleveland to name a few. The band also appeared as “The Angry Inch” in an Indianapolis theater production of the rock musical Hedwig & The Angry Inch that won rave reviews during its two-month run.

The Common's immediate plans are focused on recording and performing regionally. We're working toward recording the backlog of material that’s been piling up. The tentative plans are to record and release EPs and to perform in clubs throughout the Midwest to spread our take on American power pop.