The Common Color

The Common Color


We LOVE melody, and we love noise. We're trying to make as much creative noise as possible with 3 people. We kinda sound like The Strokes, but just throw some more pop, melody, and crazy instrumentals into the picture!


Okay. We're a Toronto based 3 piece powerhouse with an ambition to just do something worth while with music. We really just want to get all of these sounds out of our heads... we're haunted by subjects of sound constantly; mainly melody and rhythm! We're a little obsessed with getting tight... nothing that's affecting our mental or physical health though...we really don't think there's ever a limit to how tight a band get get. We havn't played many shows, but the ones we do play we do pretty well. We're all about giving fans all we've got, i guess it's kind of a motto for us now - it does'nt seem like we have much time left, so can it really be so bad?


the common color demo - self titled

Singles by popularity

1. All we've got
2. It's hard to live forever
3. The open sky (timeline)

Set List

Our typical set list would include a range of styles that we experiment and play along...

1. It's hard to live forever
2. Cover (strokes, arctic monkeys, etc etc)
3. Killing Neighbors
4. The Open Sky (Timeline)
5. Limbo of Direction