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" summer warfare"

Hey guys! Congratulations to the winner Golden Orchard.
I arrived just in time to see The Fall of Icarus, met up with Yazmin and started getting to know the crowd. There were lots of people coming in for one band and leaving after the set, so I always had new people to talk to.
A Masochistic Parody came on next and I was impressed right away. Great vocals and tight instrumentals. Killer guitar riffs!
Lights Will Ignite Us came on next and ripped up the stage with some hardcore/screamo sounds. Lots of energy and great chemistry on stage. Another unique band on a very random night filled with very different styles/genres.
The Common Color was next. They kept the rockin energy going, rippin it up on stage.
Golden Orchard followed and brought lots of fans with them. I was very into their sound, being a bassist and really diggin the RHCP style. They deserved the win in my opinion, and I hope to see them again soon.
After the winners, came The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. That was a big change in the rock we had going on previously. I enjoyed the country feel and variety in their different songs, switching singers and going from acoustic to electric.
Clockmaker finished off the night, unfortunately I only caught one song, then i was tearing down the posters and taking some more pictures, not paying enough attention to give them a good review. Sorry guys, hopefully there will be a next time!

Overall, great night, great bands. what more can you ask for?

Diego - Supernova


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1. All we've got
2. It's hard to live forever
3. The open sky (timeline)



Okay. We're a Toronto based 3 piece powerhouse with an ambition to just do something worth while with music. We really just want to get all of these sounds out of our heads... we're haunted by subjects of sound constantly; mainly melody and rhythm! We're a little obsessed with getting tight... nothing that's affecting our mental or physical health though...we really don't think there's ever a limit to how tight a band get get. We havn't played many shows, but the ones we do play we do pretty well. We're all about giving fans all we've got, i guess it's kind of a motto for us now - it does'nt seem like we have much time left, so can it really be so bad?