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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sky Sports feature The Common Redstarts"

Sky Sports are featuring The Common Redstarts “Save It For Your Friends” on their advert “Summer of Football” which is being broadcast on all Sky Sports channels from now until the end of June. We will be starting promo on “Save It For Your Friends” at the end of this month. A UK tour will soon be announced. - seeca Press officer

"It looks like it might be time for the Common Redstarts to fly the nest"

The Common Redstart or Phoenicurus phoenicurus is, according to Collins’ Bird Guide, "a rather unobtrusive summer visitor which keeps mainly to trees and bushes." Luckily for Edinburgh’s informed music lovers, the city’s non-feathered variety are just the opposite. Found throughout the country all year round, the ‘Redstarts lively Clash-infused rock and roll is anything but unobtrusive. Their tendencies for tree/bush habitation are unknown.

The Common Redstarts story began five years ago whilst all members were in their latter day school years. Under the name Parka, the band embarked on an impressively intensive local touring journey which saw them slowly build up an enthusiastic fan base along with a name for themselves in the stirring Edinburgh music scene. Their break came in 2005, early on in their current incarnation, when a Bongo Club gig caught the eye of Seeca Records. The London-based label wasted no time in snapping them up, and have been just what the ‘Redstarts were looking for says guitarist/vocalist Jordan Croan: “The proof in the pudding is the album for me. They stuck by us through a difficult time and now we couldn’t be happier with the way it sounds. You’ve both got to be coming from the same place and as long as everyone’s priorities are the same then it usually works.”

Latest single, Killing Street, a bruising journey through a city’s dark underbelly, has been lapped up by those insightful chaps at Xfm Scotland and appears to have provided a launch pad from which greater things can be reached. “It’s been a good start to what should be a cracking year for us” says Croan. “We finished our album in January which is sounding fucking great. We did our first tour of the country which was a messy one but amazing, it went down better than even we expected.”

Their influences are widely varied, with little snobbery when it comes to citing other bands in their sound. A glance at the website blog reveals an extensive list ranging from Oasis to Gram Parsons, although a melodic quality in the listed is ever-present and reflected in the band’s own sound.

With their debut album release imminent, the band, consisting of Croan, Graeme Thomson (guitar), Fraser Mckirdy (bass), Gary Johnstone (drums) and Rory Dinwoodie (‘co-songwriter/guru’) are excited about the prospects for the coming 12 months, whilst not getting bogged down by how they’re perceived. “It would be good if in a year’s time we could say that even if our album only sold about five fucking copies that we gave it our best shot and were still very proud of what we had done”.

It looks like it may be time for the Common Redstarts to fly the nest.

The Common Redstarts play Whistle Binkies on May 30
Killing Street is out now on Seeca Records

- Skinny Mag


Killing Street single was released March 06
We are getting support at Radio 1, Xfm, Radio 2, 6 Music, and Xfm Scotland amongst others.
Over in the US Indie 103.1, 94.7 KNRK, 102.7 WEQX, and spins on college radio


Feeling a bit camera shy


Think of the weekend, think of being in the pub with your mates, think of riding the hangover from the pricey pints and the cheap drugs. Think of feeling shit all day Sunday with your bird. Think of being a dick but being funny about it, think confidence not arrogance. Think of Joe Strummer. Think of Pete Docherty and Carl Barat off the hard stuff and doing what made us all happy. Think of a party that isn't ended by the police and a noise pollution order. Think of a gig for five folk, think of a gig for five hundred folk. Think of the art house music scene, now think of something else. Think Gallagher, think Liam, Noel and Rory. Think about waking up in a pool of sick and not remembering anything from the night before. Think of how many times it was never going to happen again. Think Hearts and Hibs and sing alongs in the kitchen. Think the Stone Roses or Johnny Cash or who ever comes to hand first. Think waking up in a wet bed and preying the dog did it. Think of paying fifteen quid to dance all night, think of getting paid nothing to busk all morning. Think of anything you want.