The Commons

The Commons


The Commons are an independent rock band from Trenton, NJ with touches of country and blues. Compared at times to Elvis Costello, Bob Mould, and Uncle Tupelo, The Commons continue to prove that quality music will always overshadow image.


An independent rock band with touches of country & blues, The Commons have come a long way since their debut album “Anchor” hit the streets in the spring of 2000. Over the course of seven years they have released two EP’s, and three more studio albums including “Eat Off The Vines” in 2001, “Come On Get Gone” in 2003, and “Dirt Waffle” in 2005. With each of these albums came a change in the band’s sonic palette and an evolvement in their musicianship and camaraderie. Now, with tracks in independent movies, television and numerous compilations, The Commons have carved out their latest full-length offering “American Ghost.”

Recorded between May 2006 and June 2007 at SRG Studios in Hamilton, New Jersey, “American Ghost” elegantly captures the band at its height of creativity and exploration of sonic texture. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by lead-guitarist Sean Glonek, it is a deftly layered album in terms of its sound and lyrics, and its distinctive production reveals a clear sense of the band's musical maturity and sonic adventurism.

Released in August of 2007, with an anticipated heavy radio, advertising, and touring campaign, “American Ghost” is a collection of stories about people lost in an American dream. Ten “mini-movies” with characters all bound by love, loss, triumph, disappointment, sacrifice, and hope. Once you open this sonic storybook you may love it, you may hate it, but if you allow these stories deep enough into your mind you may find that you are an American Ghost.


Hey Josephine

Written By: The Commons

Josephine we said one time around
Did our best I hope you had some fun
You can see I wastin' away
Listen close I got things to say
Lookin' at you through these tired eyes
All I see is my sweet blushin bride
Walkin proud down the avenue
With all the boys callin after you
Hey Josephine, don't you cry for me
Hey Josephine, I feel so lucky surrouned by our family.
Do you remember the summer of '45
We didn't have nothing we were just glad to be alive
Slippin out the back door keeping out of sight
Sleeping on the rooftop all night
Listening to the train cars roll by
Wonderin where there travelin tonight
Makin out in the moonlight
Huggin close and it was cold outside
Hey Josephine, my angel burning bright
Hey Josephine, you coulda had anybody
Can't believe you chose me
Nurse tell the doctor this medicine's great
Feel like I'm in a constant dream state
Josie, I can see those Christmas lights
Lighting up our porch tonight
Remember how I left them up too long
You were always on me about takin 'em down
Made those kids wear those ugly matching sweaters
Walks we took on the beach together
Hey Josephine, there's no more boat to clean
Hey Josephine, I'm sailing with you right beside me
So Josephine don't you worry about nothin
I've taken care of everything
Glad we walke this world together
Couldn't have asked for a better partner
But I've got regrets I could have given you more
You were everything that I wished for
Jos' I'm glad you sent the family on home
Now it's just you and me again alone
Hope I can lift my head one more time
One last look at your smilin eyes
So lay down with me and hold my hands
Give me a smile darlin don't be sad
This bed's as small as the one we first had
That little apartment down on Miller Ave.
Hey Josephine, all my memories are good
Hey Josephine, I'm really gonna miss you so kiss me goodnight
I love you goodnight


*Anchor (Full-Length Spring 2000)
*The Commons EP (Fall 2000)
*Eat Off The Vines (Full-Length Fall 2001)
*Come On Get Gone (Full-Length Summer 2003)
*Dirt Waffle (Full-Length Summer 2005)
*American Ghost (Full-Length Summer 2007)

Compilations featuring The Commons:

*American Laundromat Records "High School Reunion" (2006)
*Face Down Records "About A Girl" (2007)
*American Laundromat Records "Dig For Fire: A Pixies Tribute" (2007)

Set List

The Commons perform all original music and are able to play a set up to 3 hours in length depending upon the venue.