The Complainer

The Complainer


At every steps of his career, The Complainer has always been a real discoverer on the European electronic scene. Far from his first experimentations, TC is now producing a real mixture of electronic & pop music, 150% modern and powerful. His live performances are a real gift of energy to audience.


Artist: The Complainer
Album: The Complainer & The Complainers
Label: mik.musik.!., 2007

Playing for the first time as a band for The Complainer,
the legendary Wojciech Kucharczyk is a real leader, impulsing a strong and energic live performance.Originally members of the Mik Musik label as solo artists, this trio has a closed relationship that is easy to feel when they perform together.Going from quiet ballads to crazyness of electronic rythm, and crossing pop and rock sounds, this show is a complete performance. Audience has no choice to come into the music, dance, jump… scream!!!Famous to be always at the «avant-garde» of the polish scene, The Complainer is now keeping himself on this road, with an entire professionalism,
improving days after days his capacity to entertain people and to open themselves to his conception of music and live-acts.

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Additionnal Bio:
By Randall Beaver

The Musical Tourist: From Poland to the World

For many years known as Wojt3k, the enigmatic mik.musik.!. label head, graphic designer (”thesigner”) and veteran of Molr Drammaz and countless other music projects produced this, his second full length release as The Complainer (TC), in a period of desperation. Facing a particularly rough time in his personal life, the wildly prolific artist and Poland-based Renaissance man was struggling just to make it through the basic rigors of each day. Through it all he came up with an album he says will be hard to surpass.

What kind of music did this produce? Somewhat unexpectedly for aficionados of his label, it’s a global pop tour de force. For all its quirks, the overriding sonic theme is that of global simulacra (i.e. Disney World-ish) musical landscapes orchestrated with sincerity and desperation, like a sentimental trip around the world with 30 days left to live. These are the sounds of our times, sung in the colonial international language of English, peppered with his native Polish and touching on many of the world’s most popular and obscure languages (check out the “Spanish” of “Oigame Compay”). Overall, the words serve more as texture than anything - and many of the most moving words aren’t in any recognizable language. Molrian, the “fake” language of the land called Molr, a “country” invented by Wojt3k at the infancy of his musical explorations, also makes an indelible appearance here. Somehow it all makes sense. The non-language describes the world better than any “real” one.

Wojciech, as he prefers to be called now, invited many guests from all over the world to collaborate on the album (only participants from Antarctica are missing). “Each contributor brought something unique and genuine. Even if only one word was given, it was always said with significance.” Some collaborators prepared long vocal or instrumental parts, which he has described as “amazing and heartshaking.”

Cut and Paste but Glued Tight

So what’s it like? One way to describe having listened to the album is how you feel after you’ve left EPCOT for a long day. Inspired. Exhausted. Not exactly sure exactly where you were or what happened. Did we visit other countries? Was that real? Fake? Corporately controlled? Whatever. It doesn’t make a difference. The beats often sound clinically manufactured (indeed culled from various samples and sources) and non-sequitur lyrics are matched in number only by the non-sequitur sounds. Still, any alien from any planet (including Earth) would still recognize it as a pop album. As Stanley Kubrick would say, the truth is the “feel” of it rather than the “think” of it. And just like Disney World should be seen as a museum of contemporary American culture, THE COMPLAINER & THE COMPLAINERS should be seen as a soundtrack to our (global) times, or, at least, a soundtrack to some of its rides.


THE COMPLAINER - Mastered At The Dusk EP (2007)
THE COMPLAINER - sponsored by *retro*sex*galaxy* (2005)