The Compliance Process

The Compliance Process

 Henderson, Texas, USA

The Compliance Process is a up-and-coming metal band from Henderson, Texas. The band has emassed a large following in it's home state, as well as a strong presence on the internet.


Crushing... That's what Robert Spencer, Patrick Dempsey, and Chris Smith set out to be in September of 2008. After previous bands Blood of Redemption, Deadward, and Derision imploded, the three founding members set out to accomplish what other bands had been unable to offer...destruction...

...and that's exactly what's happening. Playing shows around Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana has already reaped benefits for TCP. With thousands of plays on the band's Myspace daily, the word is spreading.

It didn't take long for the band to find their sound. Within months they had already written an entire EP, and decided to record in January of 2009. It appeared things were running smoothly, but the band was soon burdened by hardships with original bassist Jeremy Choice leaving to pursue other interests. The trio also decided to "fatten up" their sound. The answers were quickly found when Darren Moon filled the second guitar spot after hearing the band's first recording of "Decadence And Decay" on XM Satellite Radio. Quickly following suit, Justin Dees took over the helm at bass, and TCP was whole again.

With a full length released scheduled for mid-2010, The Compliance Process boasts one of the most in-your-face live shows to date, and doesn't look to cease fire anytime soon.


Self Titled EP - 2009

1.) There's A Legend...
2.) Those Who Hate Wisdom Love Death
3.) Decadence And Decay
4.) Silver Tongue
5.) It's All Fun And Games Until...
6.) Needle Full Of Promises

"Perception Is Reality" - Demo - 2010
"A Taste Of Your Own Medicine Would Kill You" - Single - 2010