The Compressions

The Compressions

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Darkly psychedelic boot-stompin' pop tunes in the vein of Neil Young, Spiritualized & A.C. Newman. "At the height of their powers they are Ryan Adams a la 'Heartbreaker,' amalgamated with Brian Jonestown Massacre, sans heroin." - Josh Fitzwater, 614 Magazine


Write up from good friend, Ahmed, SINKANE, online blog:

Mark Himmel is somewhat of an amazing character. Outstanding drummer, great song writer, hauntingly powerful vision and, probably, the most powerful used car salesman smile in rock n roll music. Don’t believe me? Just talk to him for 10 minutes.

His new project is called The Compressions and it is good. It’s very very good. Mark has always had a great understanding of melody, [and] The Compressions is a very simple project that incorporates standard instruments to create classic rock and roll. It is, probably, one of the most refreshing musics that I have heard in a while. It seems like a lot of people (including myself) are trying to incorporate so many different elements into their music so as to create something new. Mark isn’t doing that at all. He conjures up the spirit of Neil Young with this band in such an amazing way. His voice is haunted by his words but seems optimistic. Listen for yourself:


The Compressions is a project that Mark Himmel started in the spring of 2009.

Recordings: All music is written, performed, and recorded by Mark Himmel

The material is primarily about the contrast between society and social tendencies.


Debut LP "Stomping Ground" coming 2010. Lead single "The Maker" premiered on CD101's "Independent Playground" February 11, 2010.