The Compromise

The Compromise

 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

4 Piece Band
Nashville, TN


The Compromise is a 4-piece indie/pop/rock band hailing from Middle Tennessee, USA. While they were busy playing nearly 80 dates on the road in 2010, the band managed to find time to track six new songs that will be released in March 2011 on their new EP entitled, No One's Listening. The new record is a culmination of the band's take on life, love, friendship, fame, and lust. Recorded at Station West in Nashville, TN, The Compromise teamed up with producer/engineer Kyle Manner for the upcoming release. The band plans on distributing the record to over 300 college radio stations around the country, as well as continuing to license the new tracks to major network and cable television. Other plans for 2011 include a 15 city tour through the Midwest, a debut performance for the United States Military at Ft. Rucker Army Base, as well as the release of a brand new music video produced by Emmy award winner Brian Hallet.


"No One's Listening"- EP
1. High Five for Fun
2. No One's Listening
3. Go! Fight! Win!
4. Cause A Scene
5. First Second Great Romance
6. When Duty Calls

"Between Love & Hate"- EP
1. Have Mercy
2. Though Shalt Not Worship False Billy Idols
3. Just Don't Take This Too Seriously
4. Girl On The Moon
5. ('Til Then...) Patience
6. Heels Over Head

"Teen Movie Soundtrack"
1. Teen Movie Moment
2. Where Are The Gloves?
3. Not Gonna Let You Go
4. Like An Old Habit
5. A Letter A Day
6. Stupid In Love
7. Meet Me Down By The Waterfront After The Social
8. Congratulations
9. Just Don't Take This Too Seriously
10. In Summary

Set List

Flexible set of anywhere from 45 mins up to a full night of music.