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The Concept

Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE

Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE
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"Liveklipp: Non Tiq och The Concept på STHLM Indie"

The Concept är din bästa fylla, din bästa fest och ditt bästa hångel. Någonsin. Höga på livet kör de över oss, knäpper oss på näsan och börjar konstant om. Concept skulle kunna ersätta gamlingarna uppåtpiller. Braka in dem på valfritt ställe och ölförsäljningen går i höjden. Det här är staccatopop på steroider med rätt att döda. Låter enkelt, är svårt.
Sommarens bästa spelning på Sommar! Smockat med folk och allsång till nästan alla låtar, nävarna i luften och ja, vi blir så glada av denna orkester att vi är beredda att rita om kartan. Här i ligger morgondagen, tyvärr kommer vi inte orka med den, allt för slita efter The Concepts dans.


The Concept is your best buzz, your best party, your best drunken love. Ever! They will get you high on life over and over again. Book them in any place at any time and they will get the party started. It's "staccatopop" on steroids with license to kill. Sounds easy, is difficult.
They did the best gig on this years edition of "Sommar!". Packed with people, all singing along to their songs while jumping high with raised fists. This band makes us so happy we are ready to redraw the map. In them lies the future, unfortunately we wont have the strength to bare it, we are all to beat after dancing with The Concept all night. - Musik Enligt Jerry

"Concept Store - Damn!"

It feels like Sweden has got the song that being released today will become a big hit already tomorrow.
New Stockholm band Concept Store releases debut single "Damn!" that already managed to enter iTunes chart and was premiered on Swedish radio. Concept Store is relatively new project and the only familiar name in team is Povel Olsson who was touring with Robyn as a drummer but however band was already working on their stuff some years and this premiere is just a first step in their promising future.
"Damn!" is amazing crossover between music of Christan Walz, Salem al Fakir, Dyno and Oskar Linnros, warm indie-pop music splattering out positive energy with a beautiful strings arrangement and sweet little tune. It sounds like a fresh reincarnation of that sort of music that's floating out from time to time in Swedish music, making its performer new sensation and bringing down loads of local awards and sales wins and hopefully it's that case so meet Concept Store with debut single "Damn!" right here right now.
- Swedish Stereo -

"The Concept - d-d-dance"

Remember Concept Store I previously introduced to you with their debut single "Damn!" they've unleashed last winter? Band doesn't exist anymore! No, it hasn't split up - just has got new name The Concept and previously unleashed track "D-D-Dance" gets release as debut of this "new" band.
If we'll compare "Damn!" with "D-D-Dance" the latest feels like summerish, careless, energetic sequel of the first one, it's not that straight-hitting like "Damn!" but not less atmospheric and if you like concept of The Concept you will definitely find new single attractive though I hope it'll bring the band some new audience as well.
This year band performs at Peace & Love festival and it can become a good promotional push for the project. - Swedish Stereo -


Damn - singel
D-d-dance - single
The Concept - Mini album



The Concept was formed in 2010 in Stockholm. The members was already well known musicians playing with swedish electro-queen Robyn and other swedish top artists, but with a huge need of making music on their own. The bands two first singles Damn and D-d-dance reached the top charts on radio and Itunes.

The music has been discribed as catchy indiepop with electronic influences and swedish critics just stated that "The Concept is the new swedish music export that will bring indiepop to the electronic arenas".