The Conductor

The Conductor


High-energy, good ol'-fashioned rawk. The vocalist idolizes Tom Waits, the guitarist listens to far too much GBV, the bass player loves complex and mathy indie rock, and the drummer moonlights for Team Dresch. Mix that all up and you get The Conductor.


Based in Portland, The Conductor is the brainchild of vocalist Dirk Wood. After a five-year evolution of line-up and stylistic changes, what started out as a twangy solo project eventually became the full-fledged high-energy rock quartet that it is today.

The current line-up features Wood along with former Vegar Beat and current Team Dresch drummer Marci Martinez, ex-Blanket Music bassist Jez Miller, and guitarist Greg T. Bobbitt, formerly of Radio Nationals/Haywire. The 4-song demo, 'Post Conductor', was recorded in late 2003 with Cord Amato (of Wow + Flutter fame) providing engineering know-how at Interval Studios, and also contributing drums and keyboards to the recording. The band is currently putting the proverbial finishing touches on their first full-length album, tentatively slated to be released later this Summer, with Dave Fulton.


--Post-Conductor (a 4-song demo), 2003
--Kitten (a 13-song release currently in the works), 2006

Set List

Capitol City
The Locks
Lido Monte Carlo (Lido Sayonara)
Drone Cage
Birthday Boy
Your Candidate
Burn Laws
Blacklight Song
French Burial
City of Thorns
Chicago O'Hare
Union Arms
Cathedral on the Strip
At Devil's Pint

Songs average from 4 to 6 minutes apiece. Total set with all above songs is about an hour and a half. We tend to stay away from covers, but have been known to throw in a occasional cover of 'Rio'. We've played everywhere on bills including headlining slots from time to time.