The Confetti Kids

The Confetti Kids


So what do we sound like? We exhibit symptoms of Ween, The Everly Brothers and The Pixies. Our sound is coated in Seattle with hints of Harry Nilsson, Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, and a personality not unlike The Spike Jones Band.


Mike Bresloff - Guitar/Keys - An L.A. transplant, he moved to Seattle because he needed more rain in his life. He studied music at UC Berkeley and uses any classical techniques he can actually remember. After a couple years in Seattle, he met:
Erin Mcleod - Vocals - An artist with a great voice and a shared love for The Beatles. After a short time hanging out and singing karaoke together, they tried our hands at writing songs and found that, put together, they had something good going. After a few months of writing and recording, they decided to put together a band and ended up meeting our drummer:
Ian Rocker - Drums - Yes, his last name really is Rocker. He also studied music at the University of Kansas and brings his own unique grooving drum style to the mix.
Jack Peters - Bass - Jack has been playing in bands all his life in Seattle. He rounds out the lineup keeping the low end down with a steady groove, and brings a unique "indie" sensibility to the band.


Self Titled EP