Omaha, Nebraska, USA
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A Blend of Soul, Jazz, Reggae and R&B with messages of "Life, Unity and Positivity." Powerhouse horn section strong sibling harmony and thumping grooving rhythm section


The Confidentials have become one of the Midwest's premier party hosts with their unique blend of funk, jazz, and reggae. The power ten piece act fronted by the Spurgeon brothers Stan and Steve are known for their funky, soulful good-natured and spirited live performances. The band has released 7 CDs and plays over 100 dates a year throughout the country.

The appeal of The Confidentials is largely due not only to the diverse make-up of the band, but also to the musical accomplishments of each member Stan Spurgeon on vocals, Steve Spurgeon on vocals and rhythmic guitar, Jim Eddy on lead guitar, Ricky Williams on bass guitar, Bill Nanson on drums, Michael Pujado on percussion, Davey Polson on saxophone, Bill Kearney on trombone , and Marcus Nunez on trumpet.
The group's sound and presence is strong, regularly packing some of the Omaha's musical venues, with standing-room only crowds. In addition, The Confidentials have established themselves as one of the regions most popular party bands, lending their musical style to many private and corporate events. The band has been featured in the January 2009 issue of Modern Bride as one of the 150 Hottest Bands and DJ's across the nation for weddings!

Many of the band's original songs have become anthems for fans, with local radio stations using these songs as backdrops for their radio programs and commercials. The band has 7 CDs of original music to their credit, including a the first ever cover CD Under the Covers that was released at the end of March 2006. In 2003, The Confidentials had two songs signed by music publisher "Mr. Christmas" Justin Wilde of Song Castle Music in Lakewood, California. 'Mama's Song' and 'Angel both reflect the unique vocals and sound styling that are The Confidential trademark. And recently, three of The Confidentials CDs have become available on iTunes and have been increasingly popular in the music download community.

As the band's popularity continues to grow, so does the broad appeal of their musical message. Their ever-expanding flock of fans will testify: "Harmony is not just a musical concept - it's a personal goal."


Send An Angel

Written By: Stan Spurgeon

Broken windows cans on the ground a ghetto bird flies above. Christmastime
ain't no time to be alone on the other side of the tracks

Mom's at work and theres a child at home she works on Christmas Eve
day .She gets home late plays here best Santa Claus and on her knees
she prays

Send and Angel

Should I say were from that part of town where Christmas Spirit just can't be found. And daddy's just a voice on the telephone its been 2 years but the kids still want him home!

Send an Angel

48 hrs

Written By: Stan Spurgeon James McCarthy Jon Proctor

Baby you been on my mind every minute of the day.
Has your love grown strong since I
been away.
Or was this call just in time to rescue your faith in love.

The miles and miles just can't keep me.
They can't keep away not from your love girl.
If I could fly to night I'd meet you in
heaven up above sharing love.
Woman i miss you can;t wait to hold wanna kiss you got to get off this telephone.
Tonight I'll be alone.
Wake up Baby Wake up
were lovers 48hrs away 48hrs way

I'm missing you girl I'm 48hrs away

I'm missing you girl I'm 48hrs away


The Confidentials (1991)
Going to a Party (1997)
Foundation (2000)
Chartruse (2002)
Traditionals (2004)
Brand New Day (2005)
Under the Covers (2006)
More Than Just Waiting for.. (2008)

Set List

Manhattan Club Set

Set 1:

Thread the Needle
Making it Funky
Fiesta on the Floor
Brown Eyed Girl
Love Train
Goig to A Party
Dec 1963