The Confusions

The Confusions


A band in constant development. The bands 7th album have recived fantastic reviews and have been the bands most successful album since the MTV-hit The Pilot in 2002. The Confusions are a great live band and hometown heroes. Their new album - A Permanent Marker - is out in Sweden 20091111


THE CONFUSIONS have now established a reputation as one of Sweden's cleverest pop exports. A fistful of fine albums has more than convinced any doubters.

The band's 1996 album "Everyone's Invited" was perhaps their breakthrough, acclaimed throughout the pop press as one of the very best albums of the year. With its quirky ideas, strong melodies and inventive playing, the album is a delight: check out "Steroid hearts" or "Cornflake King", both of which did well as singles. The latter was rotated on the French equivalent to MTV, MCM International.
The album wasn't short of fans around Europe. Several of Britain's notoriously fussy music magazines praised The Confusions. Melody Maker put them above Ocean Colour Scene and other domestic bands, Record Collector called the album a "wondrous debut", while Dis-Connected said they deserved to be "bigger than ABBA".

That album was followed up in 1998 by "Six-0-Seven", once again produced by Peter Svensson of the Cardigans.
The songs are about the usual hang-ups that haunt young life: love, repressed emotions, jealousy and hope.

Their "Trampoline" album released in September 2002 is an outstanding album. It features the stunning single "The Pilot", which hit number one on MTV's Up North chart and the song got a lot of attention from outside Scandinavia. The album was released in Japan, Taiwan and "The Pilot" was released in France.
"5 am" released in February 2006 "... even when the band is rocking they do it with class and the great melodies are always present. "Imagination", single "Artificial", "Window" and "Don't Let The World Catch You Crying" are pure schoolbook examples of a perfect mix between Liverpool pop and Bowie-rock." Three EPs have been released before the "5 am" album, "Window", "Don't Let The World Catch You Crying" and "Imagination" all the title tracks from these eps did well on both TV and radio in Scandinavia.

"The Logo" was the latest singles from the new album "The Story Behind The Story", at the same time a 5 track EP called "The Pilot EP" iwas released in the US with immediate positive response: "The Confusions are infectious; just one listen can prove dangerous! Your hips could sway, your phones may melt, your listeners might swoon and you will most likely want to play "The Pilot" back to, to back!!!" -Ferris O’Brien KATT/Oklahoma City.

The new album "The Story Behind The Story" was released on 12th of March in Scandinavia, the critics are overwhelmed - "At each listening of the new album... new sensations" M.Theander/Sonic, already a classic album!

The Confusions are great fun, but thoughtful at the same time. Not confusing at all, when you think about it.


A Permanent Marker (2009)
The Story Behind The Story - Mass CD-109 Massproduktion (2008)
It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sounds More Acoustic - Mass CD-108 Massproduktion (2007)
5 am - Mass CD-104 Massproduktion (2006)
Trampoline - CD Mass CD-94 Massproduktion (2002)
Six-O-Seven - 557 068-2 Stockholm Records (1998)
Everyone's Invited - Mass CD-72 (1996)
Being Young - Mass CD-65 (1995)

EP and singles
Imagination - CD-ep 4 tracks Mass Cds-103 Massproduktion (2005)
Don't Let The World Catch You Crying - CD-ep 4 tracks Mass Cds-99 Massproduktion (2005)
Window - CD-ep 4 tracks Mass Cds-98 Massproduktion (2004)
Tonight - CD-single Mass Cds-95 Massproduktion (2003)
The Pilot - CD-single Mass Cds-93 Massproduktion (2002)
Raining Cigarettes - Ep 569 523-2 Stockholm Records (1998)
Steroid Hearts - Vinyl-Ep Clearspot EFA CD 05402 (1996) Released only in England
Cornflake King - Ep Mass Cds-73 (1996)
Steroid Hearts - Single Mass Cds-70 (1996)
Lovely - Ep Mass Cds-67 (1995)
Forever- Ep Mass Cds-59 (1994)
Split! Ep - Mass Cds-55 (together with Funny Farm)(1993)

Set List

The Confusions do livesets with the whole band but also acoustic sessions with just parts of the band.