The Congress

The Congress

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Americana Rock and Roll band. Strong, unique vocals over a decidedly modern groove with a nod to the vintage traditions of soul music. Live shows are high energy and psychedelic, showcasing top grade musicianship and songwriting.


Evoking emotions that you thought had long passed – the feeling of your first cigarette, or the way you feel listening to a worn vinyl as it warmly crackles against the sound of a summer night – The Congress is naturally compared to many names and styles of years gone by. But drawing such comparisons is, in many respects, a misguided endeavor. Misguided not because you’d be wrong, but because you’d be missing the beautiful point – The Congress are a natural evolution of more than 60 years of purely American music. With a spirit rooted just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and now calling Denver – “The Queen City of the West” – their home, they’ve got enough soul, grit, and have spent enough time in the woodshed and on the road to call them pretty much whatever you want. But whatever words you think you need to describe their contribution to the American music tradition – save your breath. The Congress plays Rock & Roll.



"The Congress" - 2010
"Whatever You Want"- 2012

Set List

Varies night to night