The Connelly Project

The Connelly Project


THe music is intense and full of energy, textures and huge vocal layers.


The Connelly Project is a solo artist, an aspiring audio engineer and a band. It is a project composed of many different musicians and people involved at different times, with one person at the centre. Christopher James Connelly is the writer, composer, musician and producer, who has been described as a powerful singer with an intensity musically and lyrically. Transparent and soulful with an edge, these stories are beautiful and blunt, and the sound textures and vocal layers in his arrangements are uniquely his. Whether performing with an acoustic guitar, or full scale with his band, Christopher displays a passion for what he sings. Many have said that his voice is "an instrument on it's own", and his guitar is "full of life". To the wonderful people who have made so many things possible for The Connelly Project, thank you. There will undoubtedly be many more to thank in the future.


Single, Studio Samples, by Christopher James Connelly