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The Consequence of Shimmer


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The band formed in the late 90’s under the name of ‘Shim*R’ when Gary and his cousin Craig, who had been writing songs together for a while before, decided to take their interest in music that step further and start performing. They got talking to Paul, who at the time played rhythm guitar, and E.N, who played the drums, and the foundations of the band today were born.

It didn’t take the band very long to find the stage and before they knew it they were playing gigs in and around Glasgow. With various bassists the band played at venues such as ‘The Arches’ and ‘King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut’ and began to acquire a small but loyal support. One night the band were billed to be supporting Stephen Fretwell at ‘King Tut’s’ however due to a greater turnout from the loyal ‘Shim*R’ support, they actually ended up headlining, much to the dismay of one Mr. Stephen Fretwell.

In the summer of 2000 ‘Shim*R’ had the privilage of travelling to Germany to perform at the R.A.S.S festival, and then returned the following February to record a demo in ‘Hammerhead Studios’.

With a fully settled line-up, things were looking up for the band. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last. In 2005 the band lost their longest serving bassist to an all girl rock outfit. With this departure went all the momentum they had picked up and all the belief that ‘this was the band’. Taking a time out from performing, and even rehearsing, the band began the long search for a replacement.

Unfortunately, or maybe now we should say fortunately, that search ended in failure. It was at this point that Paul decided to make the switch from guitar, to bass and they were ready to return to the studios once again. It wasn’t long until the line-up changed again.

Michael, who worked with Paul, came in to play rhythm guitar and after only a few weeks, the band had written some new material. Before getting the chance to perfect the new tracks, the band were handed a gig in ‘The Carling Academy 2’ and it was at this point the band felt it was time to part ways with the band-name of almost ten years.

Wanting to remember the past but leave behind the baggage, several names came into use. None of which stuck well with either the band or the fans. ‘Shimmer’ was still being cheered at gigs and the band realised, they could never leave it behind.

After many discussions and several hundred name idea’s later, the band formally known as ‘Shim*R’ became ‘The Consequence of Shimmer’ sometimes abbreviated to ‘The C.O.S’.

What the future holds for them, they do not know, but ‘The Consequence of Shimmer’ are just happy to be once again doing what they love most, writing and performing their material on stage. With several gigs lined up and an album in progress, be rest assured the best is on the way!