The Consonant C

The Consonant C


Elaborate vocal harmonies and diverse orchestral elements with harp, cello, mandolin and glockenspiel permeate the sound of The Consonant C."Like dreams, songs drift along to open revealing elements of both darkness and light" (Avenue Magazine, April 2008).


Drawn together by love and a desire to make good music, The Consonant C is committed to creating interesting experiences for their listeners. They regularly help collect the Calgary music community for heart-bursting evenings of adventure and creativity. When performing, The Consonant C engages the audience with surprising orchestral elements and vocal ambience, but it is their distinct choral harmonies that are most memorable.

In the fall of 2006 The Consonant C performed for the first time, opening for Montreal's Camaromance at a small Community Hall in Calgary. The next eight months involved a frenzy of songwriting. In May of 2007 The Consonant C was ready to record their first album; a 15 song full length entitled CAPES AND CROWNS. Upon its completion they departed on a month long tour of the West Coast, returning to their hometown Calgary in time to perform in the inaugural Sled Island Festival.

In August of 2007 the Consonant C independently released CAPES AND CROWNS for their Calgary fans at the Knox United Church with guests Woodpigeon and Azeda Booth. Since its release CAPES AND CROWNS has made it in the top 10 in Vancouver, Prince George, Edmonton, Sudbury and Halifax, while also reaching the #1 spot in both Lethbridge and Calgary.

Last summer, the band played at the Sled Island Festival and the Calgary Folk Music Festival, where they shared the stage with Julie Doiron and Basia Bulat. They are currently working on new material and a collection of creative projects over the winter.

What hasn't changed for The Consonant C is their commitment to creative performance with the hope of inspiring their audience to pursue artistic expression, they continue to lure those around them into fragile fables and joyful sing-a-longs.


Capes and Crowns LP [Independent; 2007]

"The Consonant C delivered on all the hype with Capes & Crowns, a masterpiece that captures the childlike glee of their songs in a beautiful little package.” - FastForward Weekly

Rabbitfish EP [Independent; 2006]


A Sound Experiment: Live Sessions from CJSW 90.9FM - Live recording of the track "Distance" [CJSW; 2007]

Oak & Elm Festival Promotional CD - "Bear" [Independent, 2007]

Set List

A typical set by the Consonant C is usually made up of original songs but may contain covers of artists we love. Set lengths can range anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

The following is a sample of a typical 40 minute set list:

The Palm
Azeda Booth
Lonely Kiss
Jason Anderson

*Special sets include Accoustic/outdoor shows, Children's favourites, themed sets (Winter, Halloween, Nature) and covers.