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"Constant Entertainment"

Published on 5/17/2007
The band The Constant may only have formed last summer, but the young East Haven rockers are already on the path to regional stardom. Over the past few months, the group has advanced three rounds in the Battle of the Bands contest run by The Space in Hamden, sweeping the competition and qualifying for the final round on May 18.

Comprised of vocalist Ricky Bias, 18, drummer Carl Durazzo, 19, lead guitarist Nathan Durazzo, 15, rhythm guitarist Frank Funaro, 16, and bassist Evan Moore, 14, The Constant defines its sound as “on the verge of metal, but not in your face.” The group's members share a range of musical influences, from The Foo Fighters to Incubus to Iron Maiden and Nirvana.

“We have a wide variety of tastes, but somehow we agree on everything [when it comes to songwriting], and it sounds good,” Bias said.

The hard rock edge of The Constant's songs, though, is often softened by a mellower tone and thoughtful lyrics, according to Bias. He writes the majority of the lyrics with the help of Carl Durazzo.

“We write about girls, everyday problems, and situations,” said Durazzo. “'Underneath the Moon' is about escaping your house for a party, and 'Shining Down (Are There Angels)' is about keeping your faith in your dreams.”

The Constant's own, particular dream began by happenstance. Bias, Funaro, Moore, and Nathan Durazzo were rehearsing in the Durazzo's basement when Carl came downstairs and took over on drums.

“I said, let me show you something that would sound cool,” remembered Durazzo, “and I just started playing.”

Since then, The Constant has played several local gigs, receiving enthusiastic responses from audiences assembled for East Haven High School's recent Prom Talent Fashion Show and a poetry contest attended by about 700 people.

When Moore heard about the Battle of the Bands contest, the other members of the group agreed it would be a great experience, but never expected that they would advance as far as they have. Bias said the group didn't even have an official name until minutes before the first round of the competition.

“I had heard a quote about the constant struggle between good and evil,” said Bias, “and that's how we came up with the name.”

The Constant performs original music, which is one of the requirements for participation in the Battle of the Bands contest. To date, it has moved past 48 bands–most of which consist of far older members–to qualify to compete against five other groups in the competition's final round. What's more, the band has won the “Best Fan Support” award in each of the three rounds. This is achieved by having the most people in the audience mention The Constant's name when purchasing tickets to the competition.

The Constant has also received airtime on 99.1 WPLR's Sunday evening segment showcasing local bands. This exposure has helped the group fine-tune their sound.

“Over time, we've gotten better and better,” said Funaro, who added that, while all of The Constant's members have been playing music for most of their lives, the instruments they now play are relatively new to them.

For this reason, The Constant takes rehearsals seriously and looks forward to the opportunities the Battle of the Bands contest could bring to the group. If the band wins the competition, The Constant will receive studio recording time, a professional photo shoot, the chance to tour with a nationally recognized band, a spot in The Space's summer outdoor concert series, and more.

It is a dream shared by the band's members, their families, and their friends alike-and one that could very well come true on May 18.

- Shore Publishing


We are currently working on a CD that will contain 10 or 11 songs. The CD will be titled "The Constant Struggle Between Good and Evil" We should be done recording by the begining or middle of September 2007.



We formed in summer of 2006 and it started with a guitarist, Nate, that needed a band. Another guitarist joined him, Frank, and then they went and found a drummer who brought over a bassist, Tito. The drummer didnt work out, so a new drummer came in, Carl. Carl and Nate are brothers. We went through two singers before we found Ricky. Now the band is complete with the third and final singer. The band now, in order, is Nate-guitar, Frank- guitar, Tito- Bass, Carl-Drums, and Ricky- vocals. Now were looking for/playing shows around the New Haven and Hartford area. We would also love to start getting out and playing shows in other States surrounding Connecticut.

Our influences range from genres like Ska and Punk, to music like Grunge and Metal. We all like different genres, which makes it hard to cover songs. Sublime was one band we all did agree on. Nate, the lead guitarist likes music from the 80's, the Classic Rock. Frank listens to more of the Metal genre. Ricky and Tito are the two members who share a common interest. They both are into the Punk, Ska, and Modern Rock Genres Carl listens to a little bit of everyones music. He is however more into the 90's grunge Rock. We are all influenced by similar musicians. Jimmy Page, Sublime, Metallica, Incubus, The Beatles, and especially our family members influence us the most. Even though we listen to different genres, we play our hearts out and just have fun.