The Contrast

The Contrast


The Contrast blend chiming guitar chords of the late 60s’  with a neo-garage rock edge. Imagine REM at their peak with a generous nod to Television and the Jam.


The Contrast is a guitar-pop / rock outfit from Peterborough, UK are back with their new release “forget to tell the time”. Gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist David Reid is both a songwriting machine and guitar virtuoso, backed by a pop driven band and pop gem filled record. “Forget to tell the time” certainly ended up being the most fun and exciting record that the band has ever made.

Lyrically, the title track is based on the idea that, although we are all spinning, out of control, through our lives we can make anything we want to happen if we just let go of our inhibitions and stop panicking, while key track "Adversity" acknowledges that there is always a lot of baggage in the way. "Ink" tells a story of the awful paranoia of amnesia in the face of a really bad hangover.

Forget to tell the time has hints of Bruce Springsteen and The Wonderstuff, think; Roxy Music and The Smithereens meets vintage Elvis Costello and Husker Du.

The Contrast have been embraced by Little Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band & Sopranos), receiving regular spins on his Sunday night radio program, Little Steven’s Underground Garage that is broadcast to over a million listeners in the United States & Canada.

How did four guys from the East Midlands get to be described as “One of the best bands on the planet – and England too,” by Little Steven Van Zandt?

Like many bands, The Contrast have had their fair share of; name changes, line-up changes, bad management deals, major label interest and time-wasting blind alleys over the years. Singer-songwriter and guitarist David Reid formed the band in 1998 with the not-so-simple idea of writing great pop songs that he would get a buzz from hearing. Luckily Jim McGarry at Rainbow Quartz got a buzz from it too, when he heard them the following year.

The band signed to the Rainbow Quartz label in spring 2000, and immediately began work on their debut album, ‘Mystery#1’, with Andy Hawkins at the mixing desk. The album was launched with a limited-edition 7” vinyl (split between ‘Mystery#1’ and the track ‘TickBox’ by label-mates Fraff).  This was followed soon after by the single ‘She’s Been Here Before’ - which sold out on the first week of release. Then in April 2001 the album, Mystery#1, came out in the UK. The critics compared the band to REM, Television, The Byrds, Lou Reed, Pernice Brothers, Elvis Costello, Bob Mould and The Jam - and that’s just fine by them.

The Contrast's second album, Wireless Days was released the following year and received major critical acclaim in the USA and Europe.

With a stack of new songs and a lot of enthusiasm The Contrast hit the studio again and started work on what they hoped would be their best work yet. Their latest recording, FADE BACK IN, is arguably their most polished and sophisticated album to date with songs that sound like REM at their peak with a generous nod to Television and the Jam.

David Reid describes the new album as, “...the most focused and direct stuff we’ve done. I’m very happy with all our records but I think this one is the one that most consistently sounds like The Contrast. Lyrically, this one is a bit less ‘inward looking’ - I found myself thinking a lot about recent events and culture - and I think this is a record that could only have been made now. Having said that, we also wanted to (and did) have a lot of fun mixing up and warping our collective influences from the past.”


Fade Back In (Rainbow Quartz 2004)
Wireless Days (Rainbow Quartz 2002)
Mystery#1 (Rainbow Quartz 2001)

Can't Stand The Light (Rainbow Quartz 2002)
She's Been Here Before (Rainbow Quartz 2001)