The Cool

The Cool

 Orlando, Florida, USA

A smooth blend between R&B and Rock. Always a head nodding groove as the music slides between Rock and R&B. Each song has its own distinct flavor. Strong lyrics and unqiue song forms. Great melodies and just a nice groove.


It started with a hobby, when three friends in Ann Arbor, MI decided to form a band. The idea was to learn a few covers and enjoy hanging out. But after a few jam sessions produced some catchy songs, the friends decided to become much more serious about their music and The Cool was formed. One year later, they’ve developed a sound that uses an old school approach to make new, exciting, and eclectic music. It’s three talented friends, sitting down together, riffing on an idea, and using that process to develop their music. There is passion in the lyrics, a sweetness to the melody, and a groove to the rhythm. R&B, rock, funk, and soul would best define their sound. Yet, the songs are not a blend of the four genres but rather each song slides along the musical spectrum to give it a distinct flavor. Some songs are pure R&B, other songs are soulful, and others are downright funky. However, their music is not random, but rather is a cohesive unit that is linked by the head nodding groove of each song. Each performance is a unique experience. The approach to the stage provides a complete show. Crowds laugh as the band interacts with them in between songs. They dance as they enjoy the music, relax, and also nod their heads in time with the groove. In a time when most R&B acts make beats, sample or use synthesizers, they play their own instruments, write their own lyrics, write their own parts, and sing their own songs. From their instrumentation to their sound to their shows, they are a distinctive group that makes passionate, diverse, and eclectic music. They make real music that is real different. They are The Cool.


A Minor Affair (2009)
Radio Airplay and Streaming

Set List

Original Setlist (typical can be longer or shorter)
The Cool
Rescue Me
Hey Lady Reprise
Switch Places
This Love- Maroon 5
Ascension- Maxwell
Before I let Go- MAze
Rock With You- Michael Jackson
Roxanne- The Police