The Cool Mothers

The Cool Mothers


The Cool Mothers are soul with attitude. This band is made up of veteran London, ON musicians, whose original music draws from the improvisation of jazz, the intensity of punk and the musicality of soul. Live shows are memorable, fun(ky) and entertaining.


The core of the band has been around for over twenty years. Peter, Eggy, Ted and Stephan were members of the high energy act "Suffer Machine", a group that toured Canada and played numerous festivals. They put out two (and a half) albums before calling it quits in 1993.

At a chance jam session ten years later, this core of musicians decided to pursue their Don Quixote journey once again. They managed to con Ernie Leitch of "The Waiting" fame, Joel Gehman of "any band that exists in London" and singer/songwriter Carrie Ann Devine to join their folly to nowhere.

This time around, they wanted to start with best possible recording (like a souped-up donkey) they could offer. After spending a few years refining their sound and songwriting at the "House of Miracles" in London Ontario, they recently handed over the project to producer Peter Moore (Cowboy Junkies) to mix and master the independent album. It is called "Fall to Earth" and is slated for release in the fall 2009.


The Cool Mothers - Fall to Earth (rel. July 2009)

Past Discography from various members
Suffer Machine - Deprogram (1986)
Suffer Machine - Scream of Love (1993)
Suffer Machine - Heaven in the Strangest Places (1990)
The Waiting - The Waiting (1986)
The Waiting - Giving it Up (1986)
Ten Heads - Singing and Swinging (2002)
White Punks on Funk - White Punks on Funk (1987)

Set List

The Cool Mothers have 2 hours worth of material and are constantly writing new material. They can play any number of sets the venue requires. In an emergency, they will light the bass player's head on fire for instant entertainment value (only once per gig).