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Musicianship – 10 out of 10

Without question, The Cool Waters Band has the ability to Rock! From the opening notes of 'Legends' (the first track), I was floored by the band’s abilities! They take care of fundamentals, making sure that the rhythm section keeps the beat hopping, the guitars/instrumentalists keep the flavor and the rhythm flowing, and the vocalists add the melodies that make the songs unforgettable! When you do those things right, you’ve got a Rock and Roll Show, my friend!

Brothers Greg and Dan Waters are the main players in this great band, sharing guitar and vocal duties. I said it in my last review of the band (for their album One More One) but I’ll say it again: The similarities between this band and The Black Crowes (also fronted by brothers) are remarkable! Both have the same driving, Bluesy sound, with vocalists that are distinctive enough that you know the band when you hear them! Rhythm players Levi Douma (bass) and Matt Gieseke (drums) are a formidable pair as well, playing in lockstep, propelling the songs forward at a funky, breakneck pace! Added to the band since my last review is Rick Rajchel on Sax! He provides additional flavor to a band that is continuing to stretch their boundaries and their sound. There is a moment on A Rose Petal to the Metal that you just have to hear, and that’s the instrumental break in (It Keeps Getting Faster)! Additional horn players push this section of the song WAY over the top! You can’t listen to these guys and not like them! They are one of my very favorite bands: one of the most talented that I have heard, ever!

Songwriting – 10 out of 10

I knew that The Cool Waters Band would put together a great collection of tunes. I was truly surprised by how good the songs really were! The first song (Legends) blew me away; the next song (Don’t Forget Where You Came From) built on that one, and the third one (It Keeps Getting Faster) sealed the deal! After those tunes, they could have played a medley of Zamfir’s Pan Flute favorites, and I’d still say it was the best record ever!

The tunes on this one come from a more nostalgic point of view, and for me, I think the photos on the front and back cover help to show the people that CWB had in mind when they were writing the songs! Additionally, songs like (2 Car Garage) show the sense of humor present in the band! This is an awesome collection of Rock tunes; kudos to chief songwriter Greg Waters!

Sound Quality/Professionalism – 10 out of 10

Everything that I’ve ever heard that’s come out of Rock Garden Studios (Greg Waters’ studio) has sounded incredible! This album is no different. Every instrument sounds great, and the entire project is mixed really well. Excellent dynamics and awesome production value are present throughout the project as well. Very professional work was involved in the making of A Rose Petal to the Metal!

Packaging – 10 out of 10

Not much to really say here; the band does everything right! I love the cover art, and I like the fact that the lyrics for all the songs are included! The use of additional space underneath the CD for the production credits and other stuff is a great idea as well! The perfect finishing touch on a great CD!

Favorite Tracks
It Keeps Getting Faster
2 Car Garage
On My Mind

Overall Rating – 10 out of 10

I like knowing that when I get a CD in the mail, I’m going to enjoy it from beginning to end! I knew when I got A Rose Petal to the Metal, I was going to like it. I didn’t realize that I would gush like this, and I didn’t realize that I would be so blown away, but I was! This is an incredible album - better than anything that I’m hearing from the major labels today! It’s truly a shame that music like this isn’t available for mass consumption!

I definitely recommend that you get a copy of the CD! It was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end! You really don’t get CDs like that very much anymore, and when they’re available, you should take advantage of it! The nostalgic and rootsy feel of this classic Rock album should make The Cool Waters Band incredibly proud! Make sure you give it a listen! —Mark Lush,, 7/21/05 *Listen to The Cool Waters Band on MWB RADIO! -


2005 - A Rose Petal to the Metal
2004 - The Best of Mill Creek (compilation)
2004 - The Cool Waters Band Live(3 CD set)
2003 - One More One
2001 - Been Here Before
1998 - The Steamtrain
1996 - Make Me Laugh
1994 - Bozo Buckets

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The Cool Waters Band is Good Time Jam Rock and Roots at its finest - high-energy, dynamic, intense, inviting, feel-good music. Based out of the hard-working Fox Cities of Wisconsin (Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay), The Cool Waters Band is single-handedly changing the way live music is listened to and appreciated throughout the region. With an extremely dedicated fan base throughout the Midwest, Cool Waters is making powerful statements on their own terms, in their own unique way.

CWB’s original sound reclaims the best of classic southern rock peppered with Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin (remember when music used to be good?!) Their music knows no color or boundaries. The band has been critically acclaimed by all walks of the music business as the “must see” act in the region. Their diverse sound has paired them with all sorts of regional and national acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Seven Mary Three, Leftover Salmon, Death Cab for Cutie, Roger Kline, Medeski Martin and Wood, and the Gin Blossoms. Warner Brothers’ A&R representative Braden Merrick describes the band as “…Maroon 5 meets The Black Crowes meets Train meets Tesla. A definite Bonaroo band.”

In 2005, The Cool Waters Band won a Wisconsin Area Music Industry "People's Choice" award. This year they were nominated for another "People's Choice" as well as "Recording-Album of the Year" for their latest studio release, "A Rose Pedal to the Metal". Their first 3 singles from the album are receiving steady radio play on major radio stations throughout the region, and the response from listeners has been overwhelming. “You will be impressed, a pleasant surprise. Awesome!” describes 105.7 WAPL DJ, Len Nelson. Cool Waters has sold over 6,000 copies of recent studio and live releases. Poised to continue making great music and great times, The Cool Waters Band guarantees an over-the-top performance each and every show. Their schedule, as well as their albums are available online at CD Duplication by and Web Design by