The Coop

The Coop

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Coop combines elements of modern electronic music with a wide array of music styles to craft original works. The band thrives both onstage and in the studio by striking a balance between composition and improvisation.


Hailing from Chicago, IL - a modern hub for both live and electronic music - The Coop is a four piece project that combines traditional instrumentation with on-stage production to create a true fusion of electronic sensibilities and organic live music. Taking cues from accomplished artists such as Frank Zappa, STS9, Weather Report and Thievery Corporation, The Coop constructs original works by focusing on the balance of both improvisation and composition. Combining elements of today’s electronic music styles with classic sounds of rock, jazz, dub, funk, and reggae keeps the group’s sound in a state of constant change. “We really try not to let pre-conceived genres limit the music we create. Each member of the band has their own influences, and these differences are what make things really interesting for all of us,” explains drummer Jake Barinholtz. The Coop has been a staple at Chicago venues and has shared the stage with such notables as Vibesquad, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Savoy, Bluetech, Emancipator, PrepSchool, Hulk to name a few - and looks forward to opening for The New Deal and playing a host of festivals in the remainder of 2010 including Wuhnurth, The Werk Out and many more!! With such a diverse, developed sound, one thing is certain; this young quartet has quickly evolved from their first practices in the old shack that spawned their name into a driving musical force in Chicago and the Midwest.

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"A Home For Any Wanderer" LP
Released 2005
Recorded and mixed by Zach Golden
Produced by The Coop

"Lost In Thought" LP
Released 12/18/06
Recorded and mixed by Brian Ziekse @ Gallery of Carpet Studios
Mastered by Steve Rooke @ Abbey Road Studios, London
Produced by Brian Zieske and The Coop

"Nietzsche 2.0"
Part of Green St. Records 2008 Compilation, "Free For All"
Recorded at Pogo Studios by Mark Rubel
Released Spring 2008

"Egobegone (The Zeta Reticuli Sessions)" LP
Recorded and mixed by Jim Johnson at Planet 10 Studios
Mastered by John Script at Massive Mastering
Released Summer 2009
Available for free download @

"The Kinetic Sessions" EP
Recorded Live @ The Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL
Mixed by engineers Asim, Ali, Steve Snydacker, and Cameron Bietz
Released Spring 2010
Available for free download @

Set List

Typically, we change our set list at every show. We prefer to have at least one hour for a full set. Our sets can last really any length, and we do enjoy playing multiple sets.

Original Songs:

It's All Here
Space Cakes
Off the Deep End
Zeta Reticuli
Sequential Destiny
A Symphony of Modest Exultation
Return with the Music
Take a Hint (Without the "n")
Angel-Eyed Woman
Race to What Isn't Real
Don't Forget Your Cigargitrar
Between the Earth and Space (a Lullaby)
The One Place Where You Can Be Yourself
A Tuning Song
Cloudy Moon
Rain Guitar
Your Morning
Why I Am Writing This
Here We Fly

Cover Songs:
“Birds of a Feather” – Phish
"Tomorrow Never Knows" - The Beatles
“Free” – Phish
“Chameleon” – Herbie Hancock
“Moonsocket” – Sound Tribe Sector 9
“Open E” – Sound Tribe Sector 9
“Pawn Shop” – Sublime
“Work That We Do” – Sublime
“Take Five” – Dave Brubeck
“Natural Mystic” –