The Corbitt Brothers

The Corbitt Brothers

 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

The Corbitt Brothers are a powerful 2-piece group combining country, blues, and soul to make music pleasing to the most critical ear.


The Corbitt Brothers are wild. Bottom line! Not only wild, but very talented and a very tight group. Newsome and Isaac Corbitt are brothers originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Newsome is the lead vocalist for their band and plays rhythm, lead, slide guitar, and dobro. Isaac is the harmonica, mandolin player, and backup vocalist.They have been in Murfreesboro, TN since July 8, 2008, and have hit the music scene hard. Playing in many local bars for events, private parties, and opening for multiple local artists. The Corbitt Brothers passion for playing music and entertaining is second to none. They play from their hearts and love what they do. They pride themselves on their original music but also play a wide variety of cover songs from different genres ... primarily southern rock, outlaw country, and blues. They believe in music in its simplest and purest forms and that all music should be appreciated. Thanks!

Set List

The Corbitt Brothers play 30 minute sets to 4 hour sets depending on the show. The Corbitt Brothers have a set worth of originals and a nights worth of covers! Their main influences for covers would be Skynyrd, to Otis Redding, to Snoop Dog!