The Cordial Counts

The Cordial Counts


The Cordial Counts, a 5 piece rock band from Oklahoma City prides itself on the diverse, melodic music they produce. They have been featured on 94.7 the Buzz and were recently named best band in the Flaming Lips/Gazette 'Ghouls Gone Wild' Parade. Responses to their music continues to be positive.


The Cordial Counts were formed in 2007 when brothers Jarrett and Jordan Jobe, former bandmates in other musical projects, recruited Marshall Hawkins, Reed Reavis and Darrin Hand to round out their musical lineup. The collection of musicians was eclectic and talented and they began to produce the ten song album the Bleeding Arts and Heartists, released in April 2007. The response was extremely positive and the group has been developing their sound with a diligent work ethic and a committment to creativity. The music they produce is melodic, driving and diverse, as their first album indicates. The future for this group has no limits.


Lyrics for Songs Above

Written By: The Cordial Songs


After Babies Brainwash she just wasn’t the same
I can’t explain, the way she changed
Melting memories changed her heart’s history
Reviving the light, she’d now forget me

Hearts on a string will be pulled till they break
Snapped through a hole, while we’re lying awake

Empty escalations from the crossing of paths
Some glances were gave, it happens so fast
Surface level conversation floods to our eyes
It seems a surprise, that I was part of your life

She knows she says, it’s way past us saving
But I know if I wait, she’ll be coming back coming back for me
Coming back, coming back for me


She says she wants to be
In a four part family
take a pixel pose
work the garden rose
She wants the pretty things
All the princess rings
so that her heart will glow
for all the world to know

I see the light today
This can not be hate
I will let it go Just to be alone
Sweet wine and cheap perfume
May be a little soon
I can make it now, make it my own

Mirror reflects the life
That he thought he might
want until the end
he’d take it back say when
The rush is too skin deep
Maybe he thinks he'll sleep
The proof before she knows
Where his heart is going


Hate is what you now are breeding,
Like the shepherd you keep feeding
Lambs the dirt and worms worth leaving
Just to save the dime
Take it all for your own measure
Everyone knows it’s for pleasure
Soon you will forget to hurt them
There will be goodbye

I say the best dreams are the ones you keep inside
No way for the cops to sniff them out and capitalize (2X)

Hollow whispers that are promised
Smoke you churn can’t seem to harm us
Willing words force your confession
That our lives survive
Start the times when you’ll be snitching
While your medicine starts itching
I can understand your twitching
When the world denies


Starlight, Star Bright
First Star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish tonight
So I Could be
The only one
So I could be the one
Who drives you home
Who drives you home
Starlight, Star Bright
I need this more tonight
There is no love
There is no life
I don’t want you inside
So let me be
The only one
So let me be the one
Who drives you home
Who drives you home


Pictures of people are wondering why
I’m taking another chance tonight
While all the world plays all their silly games
I’m just sitting here wondering why

Even today as I paint this page
The candy kittens have melted away
It was too close to call
But too far to walk
As their dreams are slowly fading away

Never want to feel sorry for you
But I’ve come back down with another tune
Never want to be hated by you
But I can’t seem to find where one is two
And I hope that we can be together again

If we break it, do we take it
To a place that only echoes in time
Did we lose it, can we use it
Or is it too close for us to find

Maybe I can find you in another life
Give me some time to get things right

Third Person

He writes in 3rd person
He speaks from his heart
He always takes the picture
Then displays his art

His shadows sit beside him
Even in the dark
He speaks in 3rd Person
You should hear him talk

Aw what a big big world

He writes at his PC
But only on legal pads
His blue eyes go bloodshot
That he got from his dad
Now his dad has a name
He writes as himself
He’s a man of distinction
Glorified in wealth

Aw what a big big world

His name rings in silence
For everyone to hear
There’s nothing like white noise
To suffocate his ears
Let me hear


Lp - The Bleeding Arts and Heartists
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Set List

We can do sets from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. We prefere orginal sets but are willing to include a various amount of distinctive covers that include (Madonna - Like A Prayer, K's Choice - Not An Addict, Superdrag - Sucked Out, Be My Baby - The Ronettes, Got You Where I want you - The Flys and Foo Fighters - Times Like These.