The Cord

The Cord


The Cord is a band who love to make meaningful, intelligent, thought-provoking music. Just say "no" to cliches and "yes" to inventive folk-twinged indie rock.


Christine King: Vocals, guitar, and piano; Christine lists some of her major influences as Caedmon’s Call, The Weepies, Sarah Mclachlan, Ryan Adams, Dashboard Confessional, Calexico, Josh Ritter, Let's Go Sailing, Imogen Heap among others. She strives to create music that is lyrically relevant to life today and its experiences. She is also a self-proclaimed Pop Culture Genius who loves movies, television, music, and fashion. Most importantly, Christine is the grammatical glue that holds The Cord together….
Elizabeth King: Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, genius; Elizabeth lists some of her major influences as Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams, Tegan and Sara, Sleeping At Last, The Shins, Wilco, Damien Rice, Pete Yorn, and many more…trust us! Elizabeth brings an indie-flair both lyrically and musically to the group. She creates poetic music that is able to both provoke thought and express emotion in a way not typical of folk-based music. Elizabeth is a veritable indie music library in human form and can quote movies and television lines verbatim after only hearing them once. She also has the strongest olfactory and observation skills in the business…
Jennifer Pickelsimer: Vocals, guitar, mandolin, percussion; Jennifer calls upon the works of Shane and Shane, Jennifer Knapp, Gavin DeGraw, David Crowder, Nickel Creek, John Mayer, and others to serve as influences in her creation of intricate guitar-laden songs that stir audiences to look inside themselves to discover who and what they truly are. Jennifer is the “adopted sister”, graciously sits in the “way back” of the Tahoe, and is an avid peruser of CD jackets in search of her next big instrument to conquer…
Anthony: drums; he lists his favorite bands as Minus The Bear, Calexico, and Life and Times among others. He brings an indie flair to the group by producing unexpected rhythms and never being afraid to encourage new things musically. He also provides the sassy attitude.


Face Down

Written By: Christine King

I am a child who is
Seeking audience with my father.
I'm so unsure of the plan
That I thought was steadfast.

Can you see me?
I'm so discouraged.
Nothing Feels right.
Is this my doing?

I'm falling on my face
Asking for just one taste
Of all you have to offer me.

Ease my heart and still my mind.
Force me alive again.
I am a voice seeking solace
In this vast expanse.
My fingers tremble as I kneel here
And my heart is racing.

Can you see me?
I'm so discouraged.
Nothing feels right.
Is this my doing?

I'm falling on my face.
Asking for just one taste of You
Of You....

I'm falling on my face.
Asking for just one taste
Of all you have to offer me....

Repeat chorus


We currently have 2 5 song and one 3 song. We are about to go into the studio to work on a full-length album this fall. We play everywhere and anywhere and love bars, festivals, and anywhere else we are let in!

Set List

We do all originals with select covers (some Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benetar, Fleetwood Mac, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, and anything else inventive...). We have tons of songs so it would be hard to list them here! Some new songs currently in our set: Fold, Inconvenient, More Than Friends, Merry Go Round, I Won't Let You Drown.....

And because we needed to list them:
Venues played:

North Carolina:
Faith Alliance
Montwood Baptist Church
Rub’s Smokehouse
The Refinery Church
CPCC Interior Design Senior Portfolio Show @ Mint Museum
Peace Coffee Café
The Luna Bean
The Master’s Loft
Bottega Art Gallery & Wine Bar
Folk’s Café
Port City Java (Barclay Commons)
Port City Java (Front St. Wilmington)
Pheasant Creek Coffee House
The Connection Café
The Summit Church
Vineyard Cafe
The Juggling Gypsy
Linda’s Pub
The Milestone
Polar Plunge
The Summit Women’s Retreat
Asheville: Sorority-Fraternity Retreat
NC State (sorority functions)
UNC-Chapel Hill/180 (l