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The C.O.R.E.

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Hip-Hop at it's best. Variety of style within the members. Music has something for everyone and great stage show.



The Children Of Righteous Elevation ( The C.O.R.E.)

“They are among a shallow pool of hip-hop artists that still have a deep passion for rap music as a craft, while looking at the culture as a whole and what can be done to right some wrongs.” – Abbie Jarman, Lost Cause, Minnesota’s Music Journal

Black Diamond (formerly known as Superman A.D.) (Adonis Frazier, 25) – A gifted free-styler whose years of training as a professional boxer have given him a commanding stage presence and a body of steel. Black Diamond rocks with the best of them. His strength lies in his ability to comfortably walk in and out of every style, genre, and area of subject matter effortlessly. An unsurpassed battle MC who fears no man and has proved it by dismantling many of your favorite rappers, he is arguably the coolest brother on the planet, AD is either the most respected or feared MC around. The C.O.R.E. relies on his willingness to speak his mind and the skills to back it up.

Toki (Toki A. Wright, 22) –As a highly acclaimed poet, spoken word artist and award winning Slam Champion, intel Toki makes up one very powerful half of the duo. Recognition for his work by Amistad author Alexs Pate, is a testament to the weight of his written material. Full of insightful concepts that force the listener to turn his back on the world surrounding them and direct the focus to the internal, he will ask that you merely assume responsibility for that which you control and at least attempt to join in on changing our surroundings.

AD and Toki were brought together to work on the lyrics for some tracks that a mutual friend was producing. Although the two worked on several tracks together, they did not begin to consider themselves a group until the summer of 1998.

That summer Reggie Henderson, one half of the production team known as 3rd Eye Entertainment, called his long time friend AD and asked him to write some lyrics for a track he was working on. Based on his recent pairing up with Toki, A.D. asked him to participate. When AD and Toki arrived at the studio, they met the other half of 3rd Eye Entertainment, Xavier Smith (an engineer for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at Flyte Tyme Studios). The four wrote and produced their first song together, establishing what has continued to be a very prolific artist-producer team.

The four continued to work together on several more tracks which lead AD and Toki to decide to create a name for themselves and officially become a group. AD suggested ‘The Core’ because he felt that the core was the most solid and important part of everything. Toki suggested that the letters C.O.R.E. could stand for the Children of Righteous Elevation because they were two righteous men who wanted to stand for elevating yourself and the environment around you. (Both were, and continue to dedicate themselves to community involvement.“The C.O.R.E. have introduced a plethora of community and youth projects… - Abbie Jarman, Lost Cause, Minnesota’s Music Journal). It was decided – they would be known as The C.O.R.E.

In 2001, after recording several more tracks and deciding with their producers to create an EP, the two sought to ‘elevate’ The C.O.R.E. by obtaining management. AD already had a friend in Laura Guyton, one half of BLD Enterprises, a Minneapolis based company involved in artist and event management. One brief discussion was all it took to bring her on board. The guys knew their stage performance needed improving. Fortunately for them, the other half of BLD Enterprises was Damon Dickson, of Prince and the New Power Generation, an experienced dancer and choreographer. The two began working with Damon to create what continues to be a high-energy, make-you-get-up-and-move stage show.

“They make you nod…And, best of all, they make you laugh” – 2002 Best of the Twin Cities

In the summer of 2001, The C.O.R.E. released a 4 song EP titled “Part I”. “New Thoughts”, “ Lounge Out”, “Yeah”, and “Mammoth”.

With the EP in hand and a tight stage show thanks to Damon’s choreography, The C.O.R.E. began performing what has now become a long list of shows. Most notably, they have opened for such artists as LL Cool J, Mos Def, Black Rob and Mystic. They performed at Kevin Garnett’s O.B.F. clothing line launch in Toronto. They have performed at an MTV Rock The Vote show. They have been nominated for a Minnesota Music Award (without an official CD released). They have performed for thousands at the Minnesota State Fair (2001 and 2002) and were asked to perform by the capital city of St. Paul at its New Years Eve celebration 2001-2002.

While continuing to amass fans through numerous performances, in the summer of 2002 The C.O.R.E. went back into the studio with their 3rd Eye Entertainment producers to record tracks for an album. The result: the planned February 4th 2003 release of Metropolis – their 16 track debut album. The title cut, “Metropolis”, has already seen airti


The C.O.R.E. EP Part 1

Metropolis - released February 4th

Set List

Set runs around 35 to 45 minutes depending on venue request.
Planet Venus
Lets Go
Slow it Down
Mosh Pit
Spit Fire
Blood Sweat