The Cosmic Blackbirds

The Cosmic Blackbirds


The Cosmic Blackbirds is a new project, and the sound we are going for has a classic rock vibe while still maintaining a hard rock edge. We are currently touring the Prince William area and have our first EP out.


The Cosmic Blackbirds are the marshmallows in your hot chocolate, the pepperoni on your pizza, and the music that causes miracles to happen. Their music is the revelation of classic rock with hints of jazz, hard rock and good old blues. The cosmic blackbirds have been playing for a few months now in the small town of Haymarket, VA. The band consists of 5 talented artists that portray the revival of rock. Nate Dressel, vocals, bellows the familiar edged lyrics that will rock your face. Cameron Lodge, lead guitarist, ravishes his holy instrument with ancient techniques that will nuke your soul. Matt Redabaugh, bass, shakes your foundation with his shattering bass licks. Mark Richardson, drums, supports the blackbirds rock crusade while melting rock minds with dazzling drum fills. Austin Kim, second guitar, soars into space riding Mark's and Matt's licks to explode into the cosmics, raining down sparkles of joy that will intesify your temple. The band is managed by the sharp and canny John Rafaels. Finally, the band aren't just blackbirds they're cosmic.


Lost Cause

Written By: Nate Dressel/Cameron Lodge

Walking through the streets
In the cold dark night
Dodging all the people
Searching for the light
I looked and there you were
As bright as could be
Illuminating through the night like a light over me

So tell me when im getting closer, closer
So tell me when im good enough for you
Tell me when iv gotten over myself cause cant get over you

Im a lost cause
stumblin through a maze
running into walls
crawlin through a dense haze
but i know im not to far gone
something left to me
What i need is someone like you to set me free

Repeat Chorus


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Set List

Lost Cause
Seasons Change
Intersteller Radio
Everlong by Foo Fighters
Moondance by Van Morrison
Come Togethor by The Beatles
When You Were Young by The Killers