The Cosmic Eye

The Cosmic Eye

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The Cosmic Eye is a five piece outfit that combines LOUD rock music in a funky fusion with many other genres. Described as having both vintage rock sounds and modern dance influence, The Cosmic Eye makes ripples everywhere they tread.


Hi. Eons ago (well actually two years ago) a fierce and hip deity known as The Cosmic Eye was chilling in space when it began to be haunted by visions of the death of rock and roll. These were terrible visions filled with singers who can’t sing and players who can’t play controlled by giant talking heads in big double breasted suits smoking imported cigars hand-rolled by children. The giant heads commanded vast armies of cronies armed with strange weapons that could trick the population of the world into buying any music so long as the face on the box was pretty enough. And the music had a sinister power; it turned all who listened to it into drooling zombies who would buy anything the talking heads told them to. Out of these visions was born an idea; rock and roll must be saved! The deity, using its mysterious powers, brought the members of a band together and gave unto them its name and The Cosmic Eye (the band) was formed. They have been charged with a great and noble responsibility; to save rock and roll from destruction. To aid in their quest The Cosmic Eye (the deity) granted its champions (the band) the ability to tap into and recreate the vibrations (that we puny humans call “music”) that flows through the very fabric of space and time itself, for eternity. It is Cosmic Eye’s belief that this and only this music is powerful enough to defend rock and roll and the rest of the universe from its mortal enemies. All Hail The Cosmic Eye! If you feel that your town, city, village, bar, party, or campus is being overrun by zombies please don’t hesitate to contact your saviors at
Greetings planet earth! Prepare your ears for the coming of The Cosmic Eye!


Fights The Giant Octopus LP (2011)
All I Know and other Contemporary Rock Songs: The EP(2009)
Club Friends has been played on CIUT 89.5 (Toronto)

Set List

They've got enough original music to fill a one hour set, covers consist of Out on the Tiles by Led Zeppelin, Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie, and Peace Frog by The Doors