The Council

The Council


The Council is here to rock your fucking socks bucko! An awsome blend of rock and pop, accompanied by a heaping helping of live showmanship, the Council would fit well on a mixed tape with U2, Bon Jovi and INXS. Recent winners of the 92.9FM contest, the Council's debut CD will be out in late May.


The Council was formed in the spring of 2006 by singer Jay Burns‚ keyboard/vocalist Sheri Young and guitarist/vocalist David Caissy. Based in Calgary Alberta‚ Canada‚ the band plays an infectious brand of rock/pop that reflects the eclectic nature and vast experience of its five members. The live show is drawing bigger and louder audiences every time out; part polished rock and roll‚ part high energy jamming‚ the Council is attracting attention from all avenues of the music industry.

After playing the scene for years in Winnipeg Manitoba‚ Burns re-located to Calgary to get a fresh perspective and begin writing songs towards a new project. Burns met Young at an open mic‚ and the two hit it off‚ eventually writing and performing around Calgary as a duo. Early in 2006‚ guitarist‚ Caissy also moved to Calgary to join Burns and Young after hearing some demo material. The three then added a rhythm section and began gigging around Alberta. In the next year and half‚ the Council toured to the west coast four times and to Montreal twice. In the spring of 2007‚ the Council added standout rhythm section‚ Kent Macrae on drums and fellow Manitoban‚ and former band mate of Burns and Caissy‚ Joe Veltri on bass.

The new group quickly jumped into the recording studio to produce a three song E.P‚ adding producer Don Benedictson to the team. With a second E.P. released‚ the Council wasted no time getting ready for their first full length release which was awarded a recording grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

The new album is scheduled for release in late May 2008.
Most recently, the Council won the 92.9 FM sponsored Original Music Search, 2008 and is one of 25 Calgary bands competing for nearly $250,000.00 in the Fuel 90.3 sponsored Big RockStar 2008 contest.


Letters::Vol.1 (released November, 2005)
The Council E.P.1 - Released June 2007
The Council E.P.2 - Released August 2007
New Record to be released May2008.

Set List

The Council is an original band that can play an impressive number of covers.

The focus and preference is to preform a one hour set of original music that will include a few cover songs that we have adapted as our own.

We can also do a complete night of original music or a complete night of covers, it all depends on the requirement of the venue.

Our covers are a broad mix of 70's to current pop and rock songs that fit the flavor of the original sound.