The Covenant Project

The Covenant Project


The Covenant Project is a rich musical collection with styles ranging from Praise & Worship to Reggae & Funk to Traditional Gospel. With soulful vocals, crisp harmonies & tight arrangements this CD is capturing the hearts of it's listeners ! So do yourself a "Flavor". get your copy today !!!


While working with Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Donald Lawrence, Lloyd Jones also teamed up with Elder Kenny Yates Sr. to present
The Covenant Project’s first release, “so they can... Dream”.

The "Covenant Project" was birthed in 2006, with Kenny Yates and Lloyd Jones, but was actually conceived in 1991 with a visionary ministry group of singers and musicians they formed. It seemed not long after Lloyd and Kenny started conceptualizing and laying musical tracks, that the trials of life led them into different directions. God designed their separation to work a process that would build their testimony to support the material they had yet to record and perform.

Over the years, Kenny became an elder at Kingdom Covenant Church in Clinton MD and Lloyd became an associate pastor at Victory Church International in Fort Washington MD. In 2005, God brought them back together to re-establish the original covenant they made to produce and record their original material. When they contemplated a name for the project, Lloyd suggested the name "The Covenant Project" to Kenny, because it seemed so natural and appropriate to their relationship. It was also the namesake of the church that agreed to host them. Kenny agreed, and it stuck, birthing "The Covenant Project".

"Dream", the title track, is the concept's motivational piece that targets the current societal cries for the young people of this generation, with a slight throwback to more carefree sounds of the "baby boom" generation. It is their prayer that this project will motivate listeners to stand up for the youth and lead them to live their lives according to God's plan, so they can dream big and fulfill their God-given destinies.


Because He Loves Me
I Will Praise You Oh Lord
His Name Is Jesus
Jesus Lives
Lead Me To The Rock
I Give You Glory
Jesus...He's Holy
Marriage Feast
His Name Is Jesus (Reprise)