The Cover Up

The Cover Up



The Cover Up has been busy putting themselves and their home state of Arizona on the map, gaining a loyal following armed with sheer determination, a vicious live show and an epic new EP "Preservation Through Destruction". With the intensity to attract fans of hardcore music and a pop sensibility to cause the masses to loyally attend shows, the people have spread the name "The Cover Up" across the west coast and continuously help spread the buzz into the surrounding areas. Not only has an amazing live show and well-written record gained them attention , but a strong work ethic and passion for their music has continuously paid off with record sales, merchandise sales, radio plays and interviews, a thriving internet assault and a constantly growing fanbase. The Cover Up live for their live show/touring, and have shared the stage with many great bands such as Letter Kills, Fall Out Boy, Yesterday's Rising, Fenix tx, My American Heart, Homegrown, Versus the Mirror, Stutter Fly, Portugal.the Man, Chronic Future, Nhoi, Park, Edgefest with Hawthorne Heights, Rise Against, Interpol, Pennywise and many more. " We take pride in our live show, It's our chance to step out of the world for a little while." states singer Joe Cotela. After the release of the brand new cd, The Cover Up is still busy writing songs, playing shows, networking, and spreading the name to anyone who will listen.


Preservation Through Destruction